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Weekly “training” recap

Posted Jan 31 2011 6:18pm

I figure the first full week of “training” I do this year is good for a recap. At this point, I’ve got to celebrate any success, no matter how small. Baby steps towards the bigger goals. I use the quotes around training because it hardly feels much like training still, at least as far as what I consider training. I ran four days last week (five if you count the one mile treadmill in my wrestling shoes experiment mentioned later).

Monday I ran a cautious 3 miles on the treadmill, preceded by ten minutes on the arc trainer and followed it up with some cross-training. My first run in three and a half weeks went by as uneventfully as I’d hoped.
Tuesday I was back at the gym before PT. Originally I hadn’t planned any running but wanted to try out an idea. My thought is that reintroducing barefoot running in small doses will benefit me long-term, as it would strengthen my feet and ankles and improve efficiency. So after some arc trainer-ing I hopped on the treadmill and ran a mile in my wrestling shoes. I know that doesn’t equal barefoot but they’re essentially just a thin sole and some cloth covering the feet.
In retrospect, Wednesday may have been kinda dumb. It was snowing like crazy in the evening and heading to the Y and back would have been treacherous as the roads were in brutal shape. So instead of pushing running off a day I put on some winter gear and trudged through the mess for a little over a half hour. The dumb part was my path. I roamed around Patterson Park, an area that’s pretty hilly. My legs, especially my calves, were tight after that and have remained so through today.
Thursday I managed to squeeze in another PT session I hadn’t originally planned because Baltimore City cancelled school again. I was ruing my decision from Wednesday night because Thursday was quite pleasant weather-wise.
Friday I was back at the gym in the afternoon, putting a little over 4 miles in on the treadmill, listening to some Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen on Jess’ ipod. I also rowed a 10k and almost passed out after sitting in the sauna for ten minutes.
Saturday was more cross-training and Sunday I had a “long” run. Originally I was going to do it on the treadmill again but before I got to the Y, I stopped by Lake Montebello. Fortunately, the mile and a third path around the lake was clear so I opted to do it there. The first 4 miles were uneventful. After that my calves were feeling pretty tight and kind of sore. I stopped to stretch and massage after each loop and got through 8 miles in a little over 67 minutes. Wanting to make it a truly long day, I then put in 45 minutes on the arc trainer at the Y. The rest of the day was spent stretching, rolling, heating, massaging, and doing anything else I could to loosen up a bit.

Hopefully, as I slowly transition back into full-running training, my fitness will come back a little quicker thanks to the fairly diligent cross-training I’ve been doing. I intend to keep up the cross-training as a supplement for a while as I’m nowhere near the volume I’d like to be at yet. I need to be super cautious, especially with the Achilles, to not make things worse in my eagerness to get back to business. The hamstring feels a bit better today, thanks probably to the almost daily massages Jess has been giving me and to all the rest. This week I’m just looking to build on the positives from last week, add a couple miles here and there, and stay healthy.

Til next time, HAPPY RUNNING everyone!


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