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WeekEnd Report 10/25 and a Winner!!!

Posted Oct 25 2009 12:00am
First let's just get the good stuff outta the way the winner of the Pepper Spray Store Silver Personal Protection Kit is:

jerricapuck from over at Something to Talk About


My Workouts
Monday: 3.0 miles
Wednesday: 2.0 miles

Total miles miles :5.0 miles

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Sunday Funny
This week I decide add a little humor in my weekend report ( I one day hope this list applies to me however I still found it quite amusing)
*You know you're a runner when....

1. It hurts to spend $2 on a protein bar, but you happily spend $30 more for a shirt simply because it says “Coolmax” on the tag.
2. You think 40 degrees is warm, and the ideal temperature falls between 45 and 60.
3. You know, in tenth of a mile increments, how far everything within a 10 mile radius of your house is, and describe how to get places as “the short and fast way”, “the long and EZ way”, or “the hilly way”.
4. Shaving 5 seconds off yesterday’s time makes you feel great the whole day long.
5. You no longer correct people when they say a marathon is 26 miles and a half is 13.
6. Your nickname is “The Masochist”.
7. You think the best gift anyone can give you is sponsorship for your next race.
8. You drink so much sports drink you wonder why you’re not sweating out Gatorade like in the commercial.
9. Your friends know not to call after 9pm and no longer ask you out for drinks on Saturday night.
10. You wish there were more hours in the day so you could run doubles.
11. You go through so much petroleum jelly the store clerk thinks you are a parent of quadruplets.
12. People think you’re in a whole lot better shape than YOU think you are.
13. You think the best part about holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas is that there are significantly fewer cars for you to dodge on your morning run.
14. When you hurt, you figure you’ll “run through it” rather than visit a doctor.
15. You take the elevator/escalator all day to save your knees for tomorrow’s long run (or recuperate from today’s).
16. When you think “my God, why am I doing this?” during a sh!t run, and then “I can’t wait to do this tomorrow!” when it’s over.
17. You generate more laundry than a newborn.
18. You believe that beer drinking is “carbing up”.
19. Your family and friends are amazed, even frightened, by how much food you can consume without gaining weight.
20. You freak out when someone asks “So, how was your jog this morning?”
21. Hearing the “Rocky” theme song gives you goose bumps.
22. Your running log is 100 times more intricate than the national budget.
23. You’ve developed a drug addiction for glucosamine choindroitin.
24. You can say “five miles” and “easy run” in the same breath with a straight face.
25. The only time major household projects get done is in a taper or race recovery.
26. You believe a T-shirt sleeve is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a tissue.
27. If you trip and fall, you’re able to stop your watch before hitting the ground.
28. You believe waking at 8am is sleeping in.
29. You wonder if Tom Hanks’ long run in “Forrest Gump” is really possible.
30. You are not embarrassed to show someone where your hamstring REALLY hurts.
31. You pass a runner while driving and are envious.
32. You put more mileage on your car tallying running distances than during your commute.
33. No one believes you when you say “never again”.
34. You plan vacations and family outings around races.
35. You read this list and see how much it applies to you, yet think it’s all normal.

*I found this list on

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