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Weekend Recap-Magic Mike Edition

Posted Jul 02 2012 9:25am

Even though I have two weeks off and pretty much everyday is the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday still felt like a weekend compared to the rest of the week. I think it’s because the rest of the world had off (including PartyDog) so I didn’t feel so lonely and bored all weekend.  I’m one of those people that can’t sit still, I constantly have to be doing something so having two weeks off is weird for me.  I’m fairly certain PartyDog hates me being around the house all day while he works.

1. Friday I went to two scupt classes in a row at the Yoga Loft Chicago (full review soon!).  I was seriously hurting by the end of the second class but it felt so so good.  I’m still a little sore today but plan on going to the 4:30 class….

2.  Despite having off all week with nothing to do, I have barely cooked at all. Friday night however I decided to make my favorite chicken gyros . Mmm mmm those were good. Made with corn on the cob of course.

3. Speaking of corn on the cob, I ate it every single day all weekend.  It’s all I ever want in the summer time.  Corn on the cob on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most likely tonight. I can’t get enough of the stuff. PartyDog doesn’t like it which works out great when we go to the grocery store together and I buy 2390 cobs so it doesn’t look like they are all for me. They are. Every last one.

4. Saturday was pretty much a wasted day. Having a nerd boyfriend means you spend a lot of time at MicroCenter against your will which is what we did on Saturday.  Then nerd man had to come home and nap while I played Plague for three hours on his iPad.  Has anyone else played that game? I don’t like video games but I can’t stop playing.

5. And OF COURSE I saw Magic Mike this weekend. You didn’t think I could get through this post without talking about that right?   Kim and I went to an early showing on Sunday and the theater was almost completely full.  Surprisingly, it was an actual movie. We were just expecting 1.5 hours of men gyrating on stage in thongs but there was an actual story and it was pretty good.  You know what was better though? Channing Tatum.  Dear God, how is that man even real? Please someone tell me, how is he real?

Ladies, please go see this movie, you will not regret watching all that raunchiness- trust me.  The funniest part was we both got carded for the movie! I’ve never been carded for a movie in my life. After seeing the movie, I understand why though. Channing Tatum, thank you for being born.

God bless America.  Believe it or not, those were the only Gifs I found that were appropriate enough to put on my blog.  Just go see  it already and then giggle about it with me.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Magic Mike thoughts? Did you see it? Are you going to?

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