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Weekend in Pictures!

Posted May 29 2012 7:37pm
I hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend.

Mine sprawled out into a lazy and long 5 day weekend....and with lots of perfectly good relaxation thrown in there.

I'm getting back into a running groove.  Last week I somehow ran 30 miles, which was a little ambitious, but most of them were at a relaxed pace.

Here's what else I've been up toSunset date night dinner at CCV...
AFTER I gave myself a homemade haircut, hehe.
Tappan and I at my beautiful friend Ashely's wedding on Saturday night.
Yes, this dress is one of my favs, I need to expand my repertoire.
Sunset at Ashley's wedding with a very cool coworker
who looks like a hybrid between Steve Jobs and Sean Connery.
Amazing tent at Ashley's parents home for her reception.
Looks like it's straight from a magazine.
20 minute of fireworks at Ashley's wedding on the river.
Nicest fireworks that I've seen in a while.
An hour before Fireworks #2 for the weekend on Sunday night,
at my favorite spot in Richmond:  Libby Hill Park
Hey Richmond friends, did you know that this is the view that named the city?
The curvature of the James River reminded someone of a town in England, called Richmond.
FROZEN GRAPES at the pool.  Enough said.  Heaven.
Amazingly delicious Memorial Day feast at Naureen's!
Thanks Bty for letting me swipe your photo.
Most importantly, thank you to all of our service folks out there, because we would not be here without the hard work that each of you do!!  Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Do you ever cut your own hair?
This was my first attempt.  I will prob follow this up with a real appointment in a week or two, my split ends were just getting worse than usual and I HAD to do something about it to hold me over.
What was your favorite memory from your Memorial Day Weekend?
Best part of MY weekend was #1 seeing my friends and #2 the fact that I didn't have to be at work at all.  And that I really didn't have any plans (except for the wedding) going into the weekend, but somehow it turned out to be a very fun weekend.
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