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Weekend Highlights-Phone Photo Edition

Posted Oct 25 2011 12:45pm

This weekend was fantastically low-key and I took zero photos with my camera, largely due in part to a missing camera charger. I need to get some pictures off my phone, so today’s post is going to be a photo dump from the weekend Smile


I consider Friday the *official* weekend start, mainly because it started with this:


Wanna know what that is?! THAT, my friends, is a lovely little package chock full o’ surprises from the awesome Jenny who blogs at The Little J-Bird . She seriously hooked it up:


Blog friends rock. She’s gonna do a little winter swap too, so everyone should join because getting gifts from internet strangers is awwwesome. Naturally. THANK YOU JENNY!!!!!

Sean and I had to go buy a new plant for our front flower garden so the lame HOA would stop sending us nasty-grams about how it was empty. Because we didn’t realize it was empty til they told us – so glad they pointed it out! Not like we weren’t working on making it awesome or anything.


We didn’t buy any pumpkins (sad face) but I did get this really neat picture:


We spent the rest of the night watching Boston Legal and being 65 years old. NBD.


Saturday I attempted to have a great long run by not eating breakfast beforehand or fueling during it. I don’t know why it was so bad. I tried to find Tara during it, but instead just creeped on a whole bunch of people who I thought might be her. One lady just about bit my head off for running up behind her like that (but I had been POSITIVE it was Tara … oops). At least I got these:





The rest of the day I spent running errands until I went for a dress fitting for Sarah and Kenneth’s wedding. Then we met Kenneth and Sean at Stat’s for a few drinks and I reverted back to being 65 and was tired by 9:30. Kenneth expressed his desire to be named in my blog, so I am giving a big shout out to him Smile And since I don’t have any pictures of him on my phone, here is one courtesy of Facebook (I hope you’re happy Kenneth):



Sunday was all around awesome as you can see from my Mexican Tortilla Lasagna post, however what that post left out was that we started the day with this:




And just because I like these pictures…

Leo drinking water:


L&L in their house:


Cool lights at a bar in Vegas:


How was everyone’s weekend?

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