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Week in Review

Posted Dec 02 2012 12:00am
Monday: 1600 yard swim (4 X 400 with 30 second rest)
               2 mile walk with Dave

Tuesday: 3 miles elliptical
It was hot in the gym tonight and the heart rate crept a little high - still below 140, but higher than the usual 130 I get on the elliptical machine.

Wednesday:  3 miles treadmill
Dave and I headed to the gym again tonight to run together on the treadmills.  This way he could run his pace and I could run my snail pace.  I have always thought my treadmill at home is faster than most treadmills.  And know I know it is.  The same pace I run at home which just about breaks me, was so much easier at the gym.  I like the treadmill at the gym much better.  :)

Thursday: Off

Friday: Off
We had planned on doing a walk today, but decided to go to an early movie instead.  We did take a very small walk with the dog, but I'm not counting that.

Saturday: 3 mile walk, Highbanks Metro Park
Our running group switches between running on a paved, flat trail and running the hillier dirt/rocky trails at the metro park every other week.  When we're at the metro park, I'm currently not able to run.  Going up the hills spikes my heart rate.  With the terrain continuously rolling, it's just nearly impossible to run.  Luckily, the weather was great this morning (mid 40s at 8:00am for December 1st!!!) so walking wasn't so bad.  I even got a "You go girl!" from some of the other runners.

Sunday: 2 mile neighborhood walk with Dave
I had plans to run today, however, plans got changed.  When I woke up it was warm, but raining.  I didn't really want to work out on the treadmill again.  Then we decided to go to church and then my niece and nephews had their Christmas play at school.  By the time we got home from all that it was dark, but still warm.  Dave and I headed out of the house around 7:15pm and did a quick 2 mile walk through the neighborhood.  2 for 2 (working out) in December.  Can I keep the streak alive?

Swim - 1600 yards
Run/Walk - 13 miles

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