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Week 7… DONE!

Posted Jul 23 2012 8:16pm

Hello, loyal readers.  As my very creative title suggests… week 7 of marathon training is over. WOOT.

The breakdown:

Monday: 1.25mi treadmill run, 45min ViPR class
Tuesday: 4mi speed workout (1 min on/1 min off, 3 sets of 5, increase speed by 15 seconds each set.  8:27, 8:13, 7:00)
Wednesday: nada
Thursday: still nada
Friday: yeah, still nothing.
Saturday: 12mi, 10:16 min/mi pace
Sunday: RnR Mini Marathon 5K, 9:39 min/mi pace
Total Miles:  20 miles

Didn’t really plan on the mid week “rest”, but I think it served me well once Saturday rolled around.  The ole legs were fresh and ready to take on the 12 miler…. my longest run since the USA Half Marathon back in March!

Because I know you wouldn’t believe me until I posted a watch shot.

It was a tough run, but I really think it was all mental. I run with the 10 min/mi group and the pacers were all over the board.  Some miles were around 10:45 min/mi pace and others a little under 10 min/mi.  I think running with my Garmin psychs me out… the first half of the run, the pacers were closer to 11 min miles than 10… so once they started creeping back up towards 10.  Once the group was “speeding up” I  freaked out.  My legs felt good, but mentally I was freakin’.  I seriously don’t think I’d realized the change in pace if I would have run sans Garmin. Watching the pace fluctuate was too much for me.  I also was running without my running buddy, Molly, because she was running the RnR Half on Sunday.  I also felt good after the run.  I followed my normal post run routine… shower, food, water, stick, nap.

Newly obsessed with watermelon as a means to rehydrate.

Sunday, because I had the itch to race, but wasn’t running the half, I ran the RnR Mini Marathon (aka 5K race).  I was already planning on spectating the race, but running the race allowed me to not feel like a total slacker and we shared the same start corral as the half marathon, so I could chill with Molly pre race.

Sweating balls at 6:30am in the start corral

The 5K was rough, my legs were pretty beat up after my 12 mi effort on Saturday, so I just took ‘er easy.  Not to mention, it was SO HOT.  Made it out alive and I can say I’ve never been happier to not run a half marathon!


I also got beat by children, which is cool.  Not.

My 7yr old pacer.

But I did get a medal, which always makes me happy.  One more to add to the collection.

What a boring, generic looking medal.

Molly got a sweeter looking medal for making her way through 13.1 in the heat.

That’s molly there in the white tank and white hat. I’m really good at taking action shots.

In addition to a sweet looking medal as a reward, we also rewarded ourselves with the free beer we earned at the post race party. Yeah buddy.

Bein’ creeps in Grant Park

So now I’m ready to take week 8 by storm! And per usual, I will attempt to solicit donations and support to my marathon charity , Anti-Cruelty Society, by posting pics of cute lil dogs and cats!

And here they are!  My dog and cat of the week!  Adopt one !  Or just donate . :)

Meet Tony. He’s 2 months old. He totally looks likes BOSS.

And here’s Sybil! She’s a 2mo old lab mix! So cute!!

Oh and also… I joined Pinterest today.  I caved.  I said I never would join… but today I spent my afternoon pinning the shit out everything on the internet.  I still don’t really understand it?!  But if you’re on there, let’s be friends! Or is it followers?  I don’t know.  I may be maxed out on social media.  Here I am: .  Ha, ridiculous.

Ok so who else is training for a fall marathon? And running for a charity?  I have no idea how to fund raise – I need tips! Help!

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