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Week 6 Chicago Marathon Training: “Pro” and “Joe” Review

Posted Aug 09 2010 11:30am

the “Joe” : Well here we go.  It is week 6 and things start to get real now.  This week’s long run steps up to 16 miles and for the next six weeks the core of your marathon training will be accomplished.  As you prepare for your long run on Saturday keep a focused mind and relax.  This may be the farthest you have ever run or run this season so give yourself time to settle in.  If you let you mind relax then your body will follow.  Also approach this long run, like all others, as if this is a serious workout.  You are supposed to feel tired, you are in training.  Just know that this is all an organized plan to build you up and bring you back down so that on marathon day you are able to run your best.  I would suggest this week and for the remainder of training that you start getting up at or close to the time you will for the Chicago marathon.  Get out early and start preparing your body and internal clock for this time of day.  Waking up earlier will also give you the benefit of running when it is cooler before the mid afternoon sun starts to bake you and everything/everyone else.

I remember my first 16 mile run, it was now when I thought that I had become a runner.  The 10 miler I had complained about seemed like a walk in the park and even 12-14 miles were not as difficult to comprehend.  This is a big week and a big run so prepare yourself for it.  Stick to your routine, which should be coming together.  Hydrate.  Then tie up the laces and kill it on Saturday.

Also on the schedule this week is the first stair workout, which was implemented for those who live in a location where they do not have hills conveniently located to run.  I implemented this exact stair workout last year and did it in my apartment building or in hotels when away for work.  This will be a fairly quick workout so stay focused and do not slack.  Below is more description and tips about this workout.

the “Pro” : Crossing the Treshhold – This weeks 16 miler is going to be a new distance for even some experienced runners. Combine that with extreme heat and you have a recipe for potential disaster. At this distance, poor preparation could lead to a blow up of sorts. Be careful this week and focus on Wednesday and Saturday while allowing yourself to cut corners on the other distance days if necessary. Come Sunday, you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will fuel you into the next segment of the training program. Post questions on the Blog and remember to enjoy the process and listen to your on-board data while running. Your body will give you clues and information which must be heeded for ultimate marathon success.

Week 6 training schedule, click to enlarge:

**Goal Pace: For advanced runners, the pace you expect to run on Marathon day, within 1 min on the faster or slower side for either the entire run or over the last half.  For intermediate runners, you have the option to run these without any goal pace in mind and just log the miles.  Faster runners may opt to run longer runs at or below goal pace, this is at your discretion.

Stair repeats: pretty simple concept.  Running up three flights of stairs then back down three flights of stairs is one repetition, you’ll want to do this six times. Start with a 10 min warm up and 10 min cool down and stretch.  Keep in mind you can go to your local track and run stadium steps, if you do this count 90 steps as one repetition and do this six times.

Good luck with Week 6 of iRunnerBlog’s Chicago Marathon Training Schedule, if you have any questions please put them in the comments section or send us an email from the Contact page.

To view the schedule, click here or follow the tab in the tool bar under Chicago Training.

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