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Week 2 Chicago Marathon Training: Pro and Joe

Posted Jul 11 2010 2:38pm

Pro: This week I am going to break down and define some of the weekly components so everyone can be on the same page moving forward. This program is not meant to be confusing or hard to follow. If you have any questions about how the pieces fit into your plan and goals for Chicago, just let us know and we’ll get you our best answer.

Strides: We use strides on Monday’s following an easy run. This is a recovery day and the strides are meant to shake out your legs and help flush toxins and lactic acid that build up during your longer run. They will also help to keep you loose and prevent soreness now or down the road. I find this to be something that I don’t look forward to doing but always benefit from when they are done.

Find a level area, sidewalk, road, grassy field or anywhere that gives you about the length of a football field. I will use a football field (even if you don’t have one) to illustrate what is expected.

0-40 yards – Build up
40-50-40 yards – Reach and maintain a full stride and top speed
40-0 – Slow down and relax

Jog around and begin the next stride taking 30 seconds to 1 minute between each stride.

Massage: This is a good time to get a massage to loosen up muscles and get in touch with your body. Set benchmarks by making mental notes of any sore areas to help prevent problems down the road. If you can’t get a formal massage, recruit somebody to do one at home, use your roller or just do some self massage by rolling on a baseball or tennis ball.

Wednesday Workout: This workout should be fairly easy to understand yet extremely important. It will focus on speed, leg turnover and endurance depending on the week. Even though the marathon is 26.2 miles long, you still need a healthy dose of speed for sharpness.

Cross Training: This day is extremely important both from a strength building and injury prevention perspective. I recommend this day be spent doing one of the following; spinning, yoga, swimming, rowing, Nordic track or other stationary equipment oriented exercise. If you don’t have access to a gym, purchasing a yoga video (the video I have used for years is Yoga for Runners by Thom Birth found at  here or an alternative here .

Workload should be any level that still allows you to have a conversation at the same time. I try and maintain a heart rate of 128-135 beats per minute.

Joe: Building on my notes from last week about starting good habits; listen to your body.  If you are injured, hurt, not feel well, listen to what all these signs are telling you.  We are early on in the training schedule and you want to make sure that you are strong and steady throughout; this is a marathon of training, not a sprint.

Week 2 Schedule, click to enlarge:

Good luck with Week 2 of iRunnerBlog’s Chicago Marathon Training Scheule, if you have any questions please put them in the comments section or send us an email from the Contact page.

To view the schedule and week 2, click here or follow the tab in the tool bar under Chicago Training.

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