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Week 12 Chicago Marathon Training: “Pro” and “Joe” Review

Posted Sep 20 2010 10:46am

Joe “:  I am in awe of everyone who has made it to this point!  Congratulations the light at the end of the tunnel is so close; you are almost there, your life will be forever changed.  But, enough of that, you still have a few weeks and one of the most challenging parts of training left: The Taper!

During my tapering in the past I had to fight off the thoughts that I wasn’t ready or prepared for the race.  I thought that I needed to do more and needed to change up what I was doing.  Do not let yourself fall into this trap.  If you have been true to your training then you are more than prepared to attack the 26.2 miles.  This training program has been tested and proven and you will be able to run the best race you possibly can.

Tapering can play with your head and your body.  It is not uncommon for some unknown aches and pains to creep up on you in the next few weeks.  This is totally normal and should not bum or freak you out!  Your body has been crushing miles over the past 11 weeks and with the reduced miles it will be in recovery mode.  Get a massage.  Ice any problem areas.  Stretch, stretch, stretch.

Even though we are in taper mode still work hard with your daily workouts.  This is not a time to stop altogether, just a time to cut back on the miles.  You are still in training mode!

You are so close.  Keep positive.  Don’t let the taper time play with your mind. Keep working hard, your goal is so close!

Pro “: Let the Taper Begin… This is the week to celebrate all the pain, soreness and miles you have completed to date. Your body has put the work in and should be feeling pretty darn sore, not hurt but sore in almost all areas. The run yesterday should have taken its toll yet be something that you are bragging to friends and co-workers about today.

It’s almost as satisfying as completing the actual marathon. Ok, not really but should have made for a lazy afternoon and lot’s of guiltless calorie consumption. Now, stop and take mental note of anything that didn’t go right yesterday or could have gone better. Jot it down or you’ll forget and make the same mistake on race day.

Get in the ice bath and spend this week nursing everything back to 100%. A week from now your body will feel amazing and you’ll be in full taper mode. This is when a runner holds back and drives everyone crazy cause you want to race …NOW! Enjoy this time because it’s the last time you’ll feel exhausted until after race day.

If something went terribly wrong with your long run this past weekend, please post or email us with details! Well done my friends!

Week 12 training schedule, click to enlarge:

**Goal Pace: For advanced runners, the pace you expect to run on Marathon day, within 1 min on the faster or slower side for either the entire run or over the last half.  For intermediate runners, you have the option to run these without any goal pace in mind and just log the miles.  Faster runners may opt to run longer runs at or below goal pace, this is at your discretion.

Good luck with Week 12 of iRunnerBlog’s Chicago Marathon Training Schedule, if you have any questions please put them in the comments section or send us an email from the Contact page.

To view the schedule, click here or follow the tab in the tool bar under Chicago Training.

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