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Week 11

Posted Aug 19 2012 7:45pm

What up, peeps?

I have some good news!  The ole doc cleared me to return to running!


Now, prior to my appt on Friday, I’d been taking myself on long (2-4mi), boring walks around Lincoln Park, the zoo, the lake, etc. It was pretty, but it was getting old, fast. I was feeling back to normal and I was ready to get back to running.

Prettiness inside of the zoo

Pretty view from the nature boardwalk… but it’s a boardWALK, not boardRUN.

So, because I am a huge badass (or huge idiot), I woke up at 5:30am on Saturday to run with my training group.

And here we are at 6:30am looking awesome.

Sunrise along Lake Mich = best way to start a run.

My goal was to at LEAST run to North Ave, which is approx 4 miles from the start (Montrose Beach) of our run. Basically, I was planning on running until I didn’t feel like running anymore. I had no idea what my legs, head, stomach would do after I started running.  I was ready to drop out and either walk home, cab it home or hop on the train (depending on where I dropped out).  4 miles came and went, 6  miles… then 7.5. I was still feeling really good!

I just ran 7 miles, so I made Molly take this sweet pic of me.

At about the turn around point, Molly and I dropped back from the 10 min mile group.  One of the leaders stresses us out… the first run he reprimanded us for not staying close enough to the group, so we’re still scared of him.  We don’t need that. We dropped back to about a 10:15 min/min pace in hopes of finding the 10:30 min/mi group.  We didn’t find them until about mile 13.5.

Ok, so I made it to the half way point. My next goal was to make it back to North Ave (12 mi).  Made it. Felt good. (Side note: at this point Molly and I implemented our own run/walk program. Our new goal was to just finish, pace be damned.)  Then I thought I’d drop out at Fullerton.  Made it. Then by the time I got to the Diversey Fleet Feet hydration stop (13.5 mile), I decided to just F it and finish the damn thing.  We met up with the 10:30 min/mi group at Diversey.  Molly went on with the group and I kept up with the run/walk thing we had going on.

And ok, so the last 4 miles or so I was run/walking, but you know what, I finished the 16 mile training run!  SIXTEEN MILES.  I even ran up “the hill” at the end of the run.

Bottom of “The Hill”

And the top. So awesome to get up there and see the lake ahead. PERFECT ending to a long, tough run.

And then this was at the very end of the run. I love all the random charities w tables at the end of our runs. Thanks for the Jolly Ranchers, tuxedo cat.

I honestly don’t know how I did it.  Maybe it was just my excitement that I was able to run again? The weather? The 2 week break allowed my legs to be fresh?  I don’t know! I only had 1 Cliff Shot the whole time too… Like how did I finish a 16 mile effort 2 weeks after surgery and only on Gatorade and 1 shot as fuel? I didn’t even have a legit Fri night meal.

Pre-long run meal of champions. (sidenote: I only had like half of that beer. Lame.)

Maybe, it was because I knew that the rest of training, mentally, would be a huge battle if I didn’t complete this run. I won’t lie, I’m pretty sore today… however, I’m no more sore than I’d expect t be if I hadn’t missed a few weeks.  I will say that my back feels more sore than normal, but I’m thinking that might because my abs/core are a lil jacked and I might have been running funny or the back was overcompensating for my weak abs? Not sure.  But I was a bad runner and didn’t foam roll when I got home.  I was so tired, I hopped in the shower and napped for literally 6 hours.

I did nothing at all after I finally peeled myself out of bed… besides eat mac’n'cheese and watch Hunger Games (super gruesome, btw).  This morning I went to brunch at Brunch and shopped on Mich Ave.  Such a perfect day in Chitown!

Mich Ave

View of Trump Tower from the roof bar at the Conrad. I think shopping trips should end with wine on rooftops, don’t you?

And now I’m online shopping… normal after a Sunday shopping trip, don’t you think?  I just bought these cute lil duckboot-esque Hunter ballet flats . They didn’t have green in-store, soooooo had to get them from home. :)

So… that’s that.  I’m back to running!  I’m so freaking excited to go to the gym tomorrow too.  It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen the inside of Equinox and THAT’S THREE WEEKS TOO LONG! I will be back in a week, with what will hopefully be an amazing recap of week 12! :) :)

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