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Week 1 WRIGHTSOCK - The 1st 3

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
When I first started running I didn't give much thought to what went on my feet. And it really didn't matter until I started training for my first marathon. At that time Target had just introduced the C9 sock and I thought they were the greatest socks ever. Come July, mid-training, I learned my feet did not agree and I picked up a pair of thin Nike right/left tech socks. I fell in love and they treated me fabulously through training and 2 races.

As far as the type of socks I gravitate towards - I like comfort but I find them too hot when summer arrives. So for training I've become a big fan of thin socks that keep my feet comfortable and relatively dry (because this girl can SWEAT!). Overheated feet make for a very unhappy long run! The Nike socks I had picked up were perfect... unfortunately I couldn't find them again as they rolled out a new style with the next season :( Needless to say I jumped at the chance to be a part of the WRIGHTSOCK challenge in hope of finding a suitable replacement. I was willing to give them a 2nd chance even after they destroyed my feet at the Cleveland Marathon this past May. I have a feeling I may have not been wearing the proper size/fit for my foot. Also, my feet are prone to/have constant blister type calluses on the outside of both big toes - yuck.

For week 1 I tried the 3 pairs of WRIGHTSOCK, 1 pair two times. Yes, I did wash them before wearing for the 2nd time.

First up the Ultra Thin SLT for my recover 5 miler. Super thin and cool. This is a nice summer sock on short to mid range runs. I'm not sure I would wear these on a long run but will tell you for sure after I actually do.

On my second and fourth run I tried to the cushioned SLR. The SLR is their mid-weight cushioned sock. The 2nd run was the fun trail and treadmill 10 miler and the 4th run was my 17 mile long run today. I really enjoyed this pair! They were cushioned on the bottom and thinner on the top of the foot so my feet were warm (it was in the mid to upper 80's!) but didn't become unbearably hot. I think this sock may be my ideal summer sock - I'm kind of like goldilocks the mid range pair were "just right"

For the third run, 11 miles on Thursday, I opted to try the deluxe SLX. These were like running on pillowy clouds. They were incredibly comfortable BUT it was warm and my feet became quite toasty. I may be more sensitive than others or maybe just more aware since I need to write a review. I think these may become my new favs for cool fall and winter running.
Overall, I did not find any new blisters after trying these 3 pair of socks for the week. My left toe blistery callus doesn't seem any worse/bigger after wearing these so that's a positive! Next week I'm all set to dry the double-layer set of socks.
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