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Week 1: Motivation & Inspiration

Posted Aug 12 2013 4:00pm
Well I have been back on track for a week. I lost 4.5 lbs from going back to clean eating and 99% Paleo (except my protein powder has some dairy/soy). I was amazed at the amount of inspiration I found through Instagram on weight loss transformations. It made me believe anything is possible, I just need to try harder. I even socialized one night by grabbing Sangria & Tapas with a friend. I kept to avoiding dairy/breads/gluten and had a great time. Allie said, "I hope I am not being a bad influence by asking you out", to which I replied, "I need to live life and make my own choices. I chose items on the menu I could eat and told you when I couldn't have something and for you to go ahead and order". It's standing up for what I need to do for me and continuing to do it without giving up and getting bored. I was able to create meals at home and plan for the week. Last week I brought lunch everyday!

Also, since I am moving, I had my last in person, personal training session with Ryan. We joked that my goal should be to become an NPC fitness model so that I can come up short of that and just be fit. Hey there are people in the world who had that dream and got there, why not me? I did some serious soul searching and found that I am my biggest obstacle. Not believing I can lose weight, or be thin/fit is going to prevent me from achieving it. Once I told myself, you can do this and really believed it, I found a mental shift that allowed me to know that I have it in me, it just takes time. I was lucky to find a succuessful PT on Instagram who is going to work with me online for diet/exercise routine. More to come on that!

I wont bore you with meal plans and workouts but I did work out everyday, my rest day included a 2.5 mile walk around town and some tax free shopping!

Here's to another successful week!

Happy Monday!

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