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Wednesday Workouts + Giveaway {06-12-2013}

Posted Jun 12 2013 9:05am

Wednesday – 6.2 miles (average pace – 8:01 min/mile). This was my longest run without walk breaks and while it felt weird, I was really happy with how I felt. It was also pain free which was a huuuge deal to me!


Thursday – 5.1 miles (average pace – 8:24 min/mile). I woke up with stiff legs but managed to run through the stiffness and loosen up my muscles. I also went to PT after work and did quite a few drills like high knees, butt kicks, and ladder stuff.

Friday – 7 miles (average pace – 8:19 min/mile). When I woke up and saw that it was in the 50′s and overcast, I knew it was a perfect morning for a run! I ran down to the lake front and then south a bit before turning around and heading home. I haven’t run south since I moved in early April and I missed it. I can’t wait to head down to museum campus this summer!


Saturday – 5 miles (average pace – 7:20ish min/mile). I assumed that I would have been sore on Saturday but I woke up feeling really fresh. My legs wanted to run fast and I had to keep reminding myself that I’m recovering from an injury and shouldn’t do any speed work yet. I think part of the speediness can be attributed to the warmer temps and the sun being out. I tend to push harder on shorter distances when I’m slightly uncomfortable.

Sunday – 8 miles (average pace – 7:53 min/mile). Considering that I had run fast for me right now the day before, I wasn’t expecting to have a quick run on Sunday. My only goal was to get in a longish run and to enjoy myself. Surprisingly, I felt decent and ran my longest run since injury. Woohoo!


Monday – (AM) 5 miles (average pace – 8:38 min/mile). I ran a 5 mile out-and-back route that took me almost down to the lakefront. I wanted to run farther but I slept in a little and had a gait analysis in the evening and I wasn’t sure what it would entail and I didn’t want to wear myself out too much.

(PM) 1.5 mile run at my gait analysis.

Tuesday – (AM) 5.2 miles (average pace – 8:35). I woke up feeling sickish and my body was tired. No surprise since this was the 7th day running in a row. I took my run easy and ran a nice loop reminding myself that Wednesday is a rest day!

(PM) 6ish mile bike ride with Ian to test out his ride to work.

Total miles – 43 running; 6ish biking

I’m happy to say that things finally started to feel normal-ish this past week. I’m not completely injury free by any means but my pain level has dropped so much that I only feel my adductor every other day or so and never before, during, or after running. Given that, I’m finally starting to feel excited for the Chicago Marathon! I took some of your suggestions on my last Wednesday Workouts post and adapted my training plan a bit. too- but more on that later.

I have to admit that I have some major tri-envy going on! Last year was my first time competing in tris and I had a lot of fun. I liked the training variety, felt really strong, and enjoyed the two sprint tris that I raced. However, by the end of the summer, I missed just running and was eager to jump into marathon training so I didn’t think I’d miss it too much this summer… I was wrong. Seeing everyone train and race tris makes me miss them. I’m still excited for Chicago and I’m not about to jump ship and stop running marathons to race tris but the feeling is unexpected so I thought I’d share!

Also, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by FrogFuel and asked if I wanted to try their new protein packs.


I’ve actually been more reluctant to do reviews/giveaways lately because I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to but I figured that FrogFuel was a product that I’d use and worth giving a shot.


FrogFuel sent me three of their blueberry flavored gel and I’ve tried them twice before runs. The first time, I tried it right from the package and the flavor was a little strong for me. I’m usually a chocolate, mocha, or peanut butter gel girl and I wasn’t used to the fruity flavor. The second time I mixed it with some almond milk (it’s runny so it works well) and it tasted much better. Most importantly, I had two great runs afterwards. While this isn’t a product I’d buy again myself, those of you who like berry flavored things might enjoy it!

If you would like to win 3 FrogFuel protein shots and 1 FrogFuel sticker, please leave a comment sharing your fuel level from the quiz below or your favorite workout. I’ll announce a winner on Monday, June 17. Good luck!

*Please note, FrogFuel is gluten free and lactose free but contains collagen and taurine.

Please note, I was provided with 3 FrogFuel protein packs but was not compensated for my review. All opinions are my own.

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