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Wednesday Wisdom

Posted Aug 15 2012 12:00am
As you know, there's a few 'Thankful Thursday' posts out there, which I love, don't get me wrong. But since there's already plenty of positivity going around on that day of the week, I figured I'd start a new one (cause I'm so very pioneering like that!): Wednesday Wisdom. 

A few weeks ago I did a Happy Hump Day Thoughts , but I guess Wednesday Wisdom is just a bit shorter and won't take me as long to type out. So there. Unless you'll get all up in arms about that and tell me you prefer Happy Hump Day Thoughts as a title, then I'd obviously change it to please your wishes. But you'd have to let me know! Comment below, email me, find me on Facebook or send me a tweet. All the deets are in the 'About' tab over there -------> Gracias.

Do you ever get stuck on some negative thoughts and despite trying hard, can't pull yourself up? Well, despite being generally a pretty upbeat person, I do sometimes. For example, this week. Maybe it's my post-Olympic come-down. Maybe it's my PMS (TMI? Tough! You're reading a blog written by a female, deal with it!)? Fact of the matter is that the one thing that is not going so well in my life right now manages to overshadow all the other awesomeness that's happening. At least it did yesterday. And that's just not cool. 
When I went on Facebook last night, I found this brilliant little saying, put up by the peeps of Fitfluential . And I thought to myself, yeah, I like that. So I made it my new mantra.

Also, hubby (who gets really frustrated with me when I get all down and moody) told me that we have so many exciting things coming up this year (and so many exciting things that have happened to us this year already), I need to concentrate on all that goodness instead of focussing on the one negative thing.

Of course he's right (just please, please, please don't tell him I said that or he'll never let me hear the end of it).

The other happy thing that happened in connection with my grumpy mood yesterday was a blast from the past. An old friend, Becci, after seeing my grumbling tweet/FB status, sent me the following message  
If I were a superhero, my power would be to tell really inappropriate, vulgar, and bad jokes to people who are having a bad day, sad, fighting negative thoughts, what have you. So here's my attempt:
A man is sitting at the bar when he notices a beautiful woman walk in and sit down at a table across the room. After 30 minutes the man finally builds up enough courage to walk up to her and offer her a drink, but before he can finish his sentence she yells "NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU!". Confused and embarrassed, the man quietly returns to his seat while the rest of the bar stares at him. Shortly after the woman approaches him and says "I'm sorry to yell at you like that. You see, I'm a grad student and I'm studying people's reactions to embarrassing situations". The man shouts: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 200 DOLLARS?!"

I think Becci definitely has that superpower within her already, cause that sure cheered me up. Thanks, girl! Also, I'm very easily amused and laugh at most jokes. Just try me...

Superhero image by Vegas Bleeds Neon via Wikimedia Commons

So between that message and a good, severely sweaty session of BodyBalance at the gym, I ended up feeling much better. I pulled my proverbial finger out and got on with it.

Do I still fret at least a little bit about the part in my life that's not quite working out the way I want it? You betcha. Am I gonna lose any sleep over it? I sure won't. You see, at the moment, there's nothing much I can do about it but I know there will be soon enough. Until then, I have to learn to sit tight, ride out the storm, because when it's time to bounce, I'll be bouncing that much higher. Damn straight. There's a reason why I'm a doctor of philosophy, it's cause I'm so very, very deep!!!

In the meantime, I'll remind myself of all the awesome goodness and good awesomeness that I have going on: my friends, my family, my health, a roof over my head, food on my plate, a hubby who's full of wisdom (you reading this, G?! I really just said that!!!) and the best stress-buster in the world: my running and exercise.

On that note, I'll leave you be. Do tell me though if you have any clever coping mechanisms that I might want to copy?! 


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