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Wednesday Wisdom: Why I Bottled It...Again

Posted Feb 20 2013 12:00am
Monday's workout: 1 hour barrecore at Sweaty Betty

Tuesday: rest day

I shouldn't really call this a wisdom post as it's not exactly wise. But it's been a while and this is my blog and I can do what I want.... So, I've had a good 48 hours now to think about what went wrong on Sunday. Due my fondness of bullet points, I thought I'd lay out the reasons to you below:

  • It was crowded
  • It was much warmer than anticipated and I felt hot from the start
  • There was a giant hill
  • G isn't as good of a pacer as I'd hoped he would be
  • All of my interval training had happened on the dreadmill
  • I hardly did any tempo runs 

All of these are valid reasons (ok, minus the pacer thing, I really can't blame G for anything that went wrong. Don't tell him I said that though!!!!). Then, this morning, I happened to come across the clincher:


Yeah, so when you go away for the first week of the year and then move house and take on a killer work-project, your training may suffer just a little bit. Or a lot. See the above. End-of-year training didn't happen (other than a few 4-milers in the Lake District). For 2013, weeks 1-4 of my half-marathon training plan didn't exactly happen (observe the crossed-out section). And although I did step it up during the last four weeks of training, I doubt that my base was strong enough to build upon or good enough for a PB. 

Just a tad crowded
So hey, ho... I only have myself to blame. Other than a 10-miler on the 21st of December, I managed just one 10-mile run (on the dreadmill!) and one 12-miler ( in the snow !). That's it. So I really shouldn't be too hard on myself (as has been pointed out to me by various people...).

That is not to say that I don't need to work on my mental game. Clearly, I have issues. I was on target for the first four miles and then (I blame the crowded hill section), I just decided to give up and for the remaining nine miles had an internal soliloquy going on about why it's ok not to go for a PB and how much I was enjoying just plodding (I did) and how to justify it to G. Obviously this needs dealing with, quickly! Anyone know a good sports psychologist?

Post-race contemplation calf-stretching
The other issue that I really need to work on is the cramping. I felt the twinge around mile 9 and by mile 11 I had two full-blown calf cramps going. Although my mom recommends an ultra-sound to check my veins are doing their job correctly, G thinks it's psychological as I was fine on our 12-miler (which included the same hill and was run at pretty much the same pace). And I think he might have a point (don't tell him I said that either!!!).

Oh well, onwards and upwards, right?!

Have you ever just 'given up' halfway through a race?

Do you get cramps? How do you  deal with them? I've tried electrolytes in the past, but like I said, it might be a mental thing. 

Do you know any sports psychologists who are looking for pro bono clients? Please direct them to this blog. Thanks. :)  
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