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Wednesday Winners: Think You Can't Do It? Think Again! Meet Amanda, aka "Manderz"

Posted Oct 21 1970 12:00am

Finding the silver lining in things that happen, and asking myself, "What am I supposed to learn from this?"  is important to me.  I am a very reflective person (maybe to some, almost adnauseam, but I make no apologies - it's who I am). Those who know me well will tell you the phrase most often rolling off my lips is, "It is what it is," which is to say, "Accept it. Deal with it. Learn from it. And go on."   Now I'm the first to admit that this is not always an easy thing to do, but in the end, we have to make a choice to get stuck or move on, right?  I choose to move on, but to learn along the way - a life lesson that came only with time and lots of life experiences that left me raw.

Last week presented one of those opportunites, a powerful week, a learning week for me to "Accept it, deal with it, learn from it, and go on," and I'm so glad I did!  Why?  Because as I worked my way through the disappointment of my first 10K (really, the stuff that came afterward, which was totally unexpected), a really cool thing happened.... 

People from all over the world stopped by the Turtles blog to say hello, share their stories, and to allow me into their lives (even if only a little, in some cases).  This was so amazing to me, and I want to personally thank every single person who chose to leave a comment, especially those who had not done so before.  Your sense of community in our running/blogging world is what this writing is about for me - connecting with others; I thank you for your kindness, candor, and willingness to share.  One of those people especially amazed me with her story, and I asked her if she'd mind me sharing it with you....

Her name is Amanda, and like so many of us, she runs, blogs, and deals with life's daily ups and downs, and like the rest of us, has her own story to tell, one that is, in my opinion, truly inspiring.  It begins like this.....

Hi! My name is Amanda and I am 28 years old. I am from NYC but have been living upstate (Albany area) for 3 years.

I started Weight Watchers back in Jan 2008, weighing in at a whopping 276 lbs (I can't believe I just put this out for the cyber world to see!). I have lost 98 lbs so far and my WW goal is 169.

My dad was a runner all my life and ran the NYC marathon every year that I can remember. I always remember the passion he had for running. So I came across the C25K program on a WW message board and decided to give it a try. I began the end of August and finished in October. It was the greatest accomplishment!

The first week I struggled running 60 seconds, and by October I was running 30 mins straight!

See what happened next in this young woman's life....

Happy running, friends....

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