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Wednesday Winners - Meet Tall Mom

Posted Jan 20 1970 12:00am

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

It's time to meet another bloggy running friend, one who calls the Northwest home and became an instant friend when she joined the Turtles blog bunch during its very first month.  She's a dedicated mom and wife, an awesome blogger, a super-speedy runner (seriously fast mile!!), and a joy to know.  I'm hoping to eventually meet her in person... but until then, I'm pleased to introduce her to you, though I suspect many of you already know this terrific lady. Perhaps you'll learn a little more about her today.....

Many of us call her Mel, but to the bloggy world she's affectionately known as
Tall Mom on the Run!

How would you describe yourself as a runner?
-  Swift and speedy
-  Slow and steady
-  Somewhere in between
A:  Somewhere in between. As a former Basketball player, I have speedy turnover. However, I often start too fast and teeter out at the end. I am hoping to channel all of my SPEED to my Eugene Marathon race on May 2nd. I would love to qualify for Boston!

Ageless and Beautiful…. Are you:
-  Tweaking the Twenties
-  Thinking through the Thirties
-   Forty-plus and Feeling Fine
A:  30 and proud of it, since 3 is my favorite number, this decade will be the best years for sure!

Are you:
-  A starting-line show-stopper
-  A middle-of-the-pack mover
-  A back-of-the-pack ‘better-late-than-not-at-all’ runner
-  Somewhere in between? If so, which ones?
A:  A starting-line show-stopper.  I like to be at the front and stay there if I can. In the SMALL races I can take home some hardware. This year I want to SLOW down and enjoy the view with friends. I have PR aspirations, but I also want to be a mover for fun!

How long have you been running and why did you start running?
A:  I started running to lose the weight I had gained after having 2 kids and YEARS of eating ice cream. My first race was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5k in June 2008, I STRUGGLED to run the whole time and was PROUD to sneak out a sub 30 minute time. Once I signed up for my first Half Marathon I got hooked. I got my Garmin in December '09.  I have been a RUNNER for just over a year.

Favorite running gear and why?
A:  SPANDEX!! I have thighs and spandex help me to be comfortable over the miles. I also love my Garmin because I can run anywhere and know the miles and stats. Lately I have been running with a Golite handheld water bottle. I'm not good at stopping for water, so this will help me to keep mobile during races. I also love any gear with bright colors and fun prints.  (*Rumor has it: Tall Mom LOVES bright, neon green!)

What do you listen to when you run?
A:  A mishmash of tunes, I don’t care for anything too hardcore. When I was preparing my Marathon playlist I asked friends and family to send me a song to help me think of them along the way. I have not switched my playlist since June 2009. Think it is time to update.

What is something you cannot run without, and why?
A:  Garmin!! I like to take new routes and find PRETTY places to run….but I also want to know how far and how fast. Garmin gives me the freedom!

What race distance is your favorite and why?
A:  I Love the Half Marathon! I have only run 2, but my body really likes that distance. 5K and 10K are too fast, Marathon is too long, Half Marathon is just right!. If there were more 10 mile races, I think that would be my FAVORITE.

What time of day do you usually run, and why?
A:  Lunch hour during the week so I don’t take time away from my hubby and kiddos. And early AM on the weekends, same reason.

Treadmill, streets, or trails, and why?
A:  I prefer paved trails because there are miles and miles of uninterrupted running. In the Seattle area there are paved trails that travel along rivers and through the woods, very scenic and VERY beautiful. I will run the Streets when I have to but the stoplights and car exhaust are not fun.

What has been your most significant running-related learning experience to date?
A:  My first Marathon was a TOTAL learning experience. I over-hydrated, tried for a speedy pace on a tough course, and believed that my body could do something that I did not train for.  From that, I learned to respect the distance!!

What advice would you give to someone new to running?
A:  Keep at it! It will get easier.  Once running becomes a habit and something your body recognizes, you will no longer notice every ache and pain. Purchase good gear, especially shoes and socks. If you are getting blisters you are wearing the wrong footwear. Sign up for a race, and follow a training plan. It's a GREAT way to stay motivated and have a log of your progress. Find a running partner; the miles will pass quicker. ENJOY the journey.

Short-term and long-term running goals?
A:  Short-term: Qualify for Boston at the Eugene Marathon on May 2nd. (*We wish her luck!!)  Long-term: Stay injury free and connect with PEOPLE through my running. Have a LONG running career full of PRs, smiles, miles and friends.

Mileage goal for 2010?
A:  1,333…. I am hosting the 1,000+++ Club and I am so pleased to have over 125 people who are setting their goals high in 2010.

Do you have a blog, blog(s), or a website you’d like to share? If so, please list them.
A:  I started blogging about running in March of 2009.  Today, I can’t imagine my life without it. My amazing network of Virtual Friends who I go to for advice and encouragement, I hope to give back as much as I take. Please come visit me and leave a comment so I can come say “Hi”:

BONUS:  Anything goes..... Any additional info you’d like to share??
A: My personal philosophy is that people do not BRAG enough. No matter what it is, be PROUD and tell others about it. Those who applaud you are friends. Those who scoff wish they could do what you do. :-)

Thanks, Mel!

Happy running, friends.....

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