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Wednesday Winner - Meet Jenna!

Posted May 19 1970 12:00am
Happy Wednesday, everybody!

It's time to meet another running/blogging buddy.....

This week's Wednesday Winner is (apparently) an 'old soul' ~ enjoying her last year in her 20s, but relating to the 'older crowd' with a refreshingly down-to-earth lifestyle with her husband in central Illinois, where she crafts, cooks, and sews.  Frugality, however, goes out the window when it comes to a few choice running gear items.  :)  Friends, I'd like you to meet...


How would you describe yourself as a runner?- Swift and speedy- Slow and steady- Somewhere in betweenA:  Slow and Steady! My main goal is keep a consistent pace, not a fast pace. I am a steady 5 ½ to 6 mph runner, either outdoors or on the treadmill.

Ageless and Beautiful…. Are you:-  Tweaking the Twenties-  Thinking through the Thirties-  Forty-plus and feeling fineA:  I am just starting my very last year in my 20’s. Next year I will say goodbye 25-29 age group and hello to 30-34! But I’m often mistaken online for someone much older. I’ve been married for ten years, I quilt, sew, cook from scratch. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t party (and never have done any of that). I’ve always been a bit “boring” for my age.  Luckily, so is my husband!

Are you: - A starting-line show-stopper- A middle-of-the-pack mover - A back-of-the-pack ‘better-late-than-not-at-all’ runner- Somewhere in between? If so, which ones? A:  I’d say I’m back of the pack but certainly not last. I’m not a speedy race star by any means, but I try to keep moving and find the end before the sun goes down!

How long have you been running and why did you start running? A:   I’ve been running for almost a year now. Last April we took a vacation to Colorado and while I was there, I decided to take advantage of the empty fitness room and try to run on the treadmill. I thought “No one is around to make fun of me, I can try it out without feeling so self-conscious.” I ran for a few seconds and really liked it! So I researched the best way to start running and found the Couch to 5K program . I ran my first non-stop 5K in October 2009.  I had been working out and walking for a while before I started running but it’s SO freeing, to be able to just go where ever your feet take you. It’s a feeling I had never felt before as an overweight person, I had never like running or wanted to run where people could see me. But it’s so empowering to pick a destination and know that I can get myself there and back in such a refreshing and meditative manner!

Favorite running gear and why? A:  I LOVE running skirts! I use them as non-food rewards for myself for reaching goals and as incentive to get out there even when I want to sleep in. Running skirts may be fun but running socks have saved my feet. I started having an issue with blisters on my insteps and one got pretty badly infected. Now I take good care of my feet and spend the money on the important things like good socks. (I’m very frugal so it’s hard for me to part with $10-$15 for a pair of socks, but I do it!)

What do you listen to when you run? A:  I like fun/funny music when I run and it tends toward the more explicit/graphic side of things. (I know, naughty!) I like something from 145-160 beats per minute. Here is my playlist from my most recent 5K. I also like MotionTraxx because the playlists are a consistent BPM.

What is something you cannot run without, and why? A:  I almost ALWAYS have to have music. The only time I don’t is if it’s a particularly nice day and I like to listen to the birds and pay more attention to the yards and gardens as I pass by. On the treadmill I cannot run without music!

What race distance is your favorite and why? A:  I've only run 5Ks and I enjoy them. Here's my recap of my most recent 5K . My hometown hosts a marathon and I ran the 5K that coincides with it, then rushed over to volunteer at a water station for the marathoners. It was a total BLAST!

What time of day do you usually run, and why? A:  Early mornings.  I love to get energized for the entire day with an early morning run! It wakes me up and makes me feel like I can do anything!

Treadmill, streets, or trails, and why? A:  All of the above! Here in central Illinois it gets cold! And I get cold very easily so my threshold is around 30 degrees, any colder and I am stuck indoors. I belong to a gym so I got there and I also just got my very own treadmill! So if I’m running late, I just hop down to the basement and I don’t have to worry about drive time. I love running around town, I love noticing the changes in the gardens, seeing my neighbors and watching new stores and restaurants open.

What has been your most significant running-related learning experience to date? A:  Take care of your feet!! I was laid up for weeks due to that blister issue and without your feet, you can’t run or really do much of anything. Buy good running socks. And get fitted by a running shoe specialist for shoes that will help you, not hold you back.

What advice would you give to someone new to running? A:  Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You are an individual and your speed, rate of improvement, form and goals are different from anyone else on earth. So just pay attention to yourself!

Short-term and long-term running goals?A:  Short-term: I want to run in six 5Ks/10Ks this year.  Mid term: I want to run at least 3 legs of the St. Jude relay in August. They may only be 2 or 3 miles each but my goal is 3 legs!  Long term: I want to work up to being able to run a half marathon.  I’d like to at least do the marathon relay next year (so around 6.5 miles).

Mileage goal for 2010? A:  I want to run at least 1 mile for each day of the year, so 365!

Do you have a blog, blog(s), or a website you’d like to share? A:  I blog about running, cooking, crafting and showing my Corgi on my personal blog, CorgiPants.

Thanks, Jenna!

Happy running, friends.... have a wonderful Wednesday!

Own your journey.  One run at a time.
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