October 21, 2010 · 2:00 am
So the Frank Wednesday night races are all complete for fall series 2010. It was a fantastic series of races; I was hurt for some of them, not hurt for others and excited to run certain ones. Tonight I was SO sore from lifting practice on Monday I decided to take it easy, really easy. Until about the 3km mark I realized with the help of my coach yelling at me that I should race out the last 3.2km so I did just that I raced my ass off. Passed an ass load of people and passed 5 people 50 feet out of the finish line. On my way in I passed this old man who told me a) not to pass him by yelling “DON’T” and b) swore at me after I passed him. That was the ultimate flattery, he was swearing because I am a better runner, kicked his ass, and it was at the finish line. BOOM.

For these races we had chipped bibs we use for the whole series my first race number was 444 then I lost it, my replacement was 666 the number of the beast. I LOVE that bib! I want to frame it together we had a great series with lots of ups and downs. It is like a security blanket kids have they take everywhere but it’s just a bib that runs with you every Wednesday for 7 weeks.

Anyways it was really good! I’m excited for Spring series and provies on the 30th!

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