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Wearing....38 Weeks....le chic "moo moo"

Posted Feb 20 2013 7:00am
Dress: Isabella Oliver
                              Flats: Forever 21 (yes I know I wear these like everyday but my feet are so                                             swollen it's really the only shoes I can fit in so bare with me)

It's a miracle I can fit in anything other my PJ's just 2 weeks from my due date!!! 

I bought this dress when I was pregnant with my first child when we lived in New York City and the thing I LOVE about it is it is essentially a "moo moo" with a classy cut; 
Meaning I could get as huge as I ever wanted and this thing would still be comfy and fit well. has pockets!!! 
I pretty much love any dress with pockets!!!

I have to tell you I am REALLY looking forward to getting rid of all my maternity clothes. Honestly, I couldn't care less if I never see them again but there are a few items that Have lasted me 3 pregnancies and have been so beautiful and flattering that I plan to save them for a good friend.

This is one of those dresses. 

You just throw it on and your done! 

I L*O*V*E That

Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterdays post. I am already feeling better after getting that off my chest! 

Today is a new day!!!! 

I have 2 giveaways going on right now if anyone is interested! 

win lingerie shape wear { HERE }
win a handmade bracelet { HERE }

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions
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