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We Shouldn't Be Allowed Out

Posted Apr 04 2013 10:24am
Ok so it's official: Ryan and I shouldn't be allowed to wander about without a babysitter, we just get into trouble.

This weekend we headed out to wander around Cape Breton. In case you were't aware, Cape Breton is the prettiest place on earth - it has gorgeous mountains, beaches, cliffs and views. It's pretty much the outdoors enthusiast's playground.  We decided to spend the day driving around, finding pretty beaches to explore and discovering new places. 

This beach out in a tiny community called Gabarus is a gem - not exactly a secret, but i hadn't been there before. I've never seen the dog so happy running around. After the beach we headed onwards with the adventure. 

So you're wondering what about this makes us train wrecks? Well, we came alone a puddle in the road while we were driving. 

Whatev, just a puddle, right? Nothing a little car can't handle!

Um yeah... Oops. We ended up getting very stuck (and to make things even better, apparently this "road" isn't even the road we thought we were on, and this one leads nowhere). 

So of course I did what any normal person would do and started snapping selfies and tweeting pictures... 

It gets better though. As I'm laughing and running around taking pictures and tweeting and instagramming the whole misadventure, the car is slowly filling up with bog water.

We ended up getting lucky and some super sweet and patient fishermen happened to drive by and were nice enough to stop and tow us out... Not without some serious razzing us and making fun of our dumb rookie mistake.. Haha and they did make us promise that next time we see a lake in the middle of the road, not to drive in it. ha!

We actually had to take cups and scoop all the water out of the car.. That was interesting. And the car had to be professionally cleaned, since there was mud and stink leftover in the carpet. But it was all in all a pretty hilarious adventure!

So how is this relevant to a running and fitness blog? Not at all. (well except for the part where we almost had to swim home IN our car!) But everything turned out ok and what's more fun than blogging about and tweeting about all the dumb things you do in a day?!

Make me feel less dumb... Tell me something ridiculous or embarrassing you've done before!

When you do something dumb, do you keep it secret or broadcast it on every possible form of social media?

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