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We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...

Posted Dec 24 2009 5:30am
Well believe it or not, after my last post it warmed up to a whopping 22 degrees! Weehoo! With such a heat wave (hahaha) and no wind, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get outside and run. I have been quickly reminded of how people go crazy with "cabin fever" up here. Only 4 days of being indoors (and a 1 year old who has boycotted sleeping here at Grandmas house) and I was about to lose my mind.

Holly and Jim had arrived earlier in the afternoon, and Holly quickly offered to run with me. I went to get my running clothes on, and discovered I had only brought capri tights. Partially because I don't own full length running tights (note to self, order full length running tights) and partially because when packing last minute in 60 degree South Carolina, the cold factor up North just slipped my mind. I knew I was going to freeze the lower half of my legs off.

So I borrowed my Dad's sweatpants instead. Stylish, huh? Quality active wear, no doubt, haha.
Holly and I took off down the hill and towards a local bike path. The bike path was completely iced over with that crunchy, couple week old-it's-too-freaking-cold type of packed snow. So we hopped off the trail and ran in the snow next to it. Crunch crunch crunch. It was so much fun I was laughing for the first few minutes.

Now, if you've paid attention at all to my blog, you know I'm an ex-New Englander converted Southern girl who HATES being cold, and especially hates being cold AND wet. I'll take 99 degrees in 99% humidity over soggy frozen toes any day. So I was super stoked to have these bad a$$ shoes on my feet, thanks to the awesome people at Backbone Media

La Sportiva Wildcat GTX is a stable, neutral, extremely well cushioned waterproof trail running shoe that’s new for Fall 2009. The Gore-tex® version of the ever popular La Sportiva Wildcat, this new stretch-Gore technology changes the perception of the fit of a Gore shoe

My first impression of these shoes was that they were slightly clunky and almost TOO supportive around the ankles. This was before I hit the snow/trails. I'm a novice at trail running (read: I've never done it) so I didn't understand that this support was absolutely essential once I hit the tundra terrain. They kept me from feeling like I was going to roll my ankles with every step. And did I mention already that they kept my feet WARM and DRY?

I am a huge fan of these shoes. Not to mention, they are super cute, and I've been wearing them around town in lieu of boots, since they are waterproof and have some serious tread on the bottom. While they won't be my first choice back at home in SC on the FLAT, paved suburban streets, I am inspired to try and find some local trails (meaning with in a few hours drive). I have had a blast this week, and can't wait to put in a few more miles before I have to enjoy the 19 hour drive back down I-95 on Saturday. Long story short, after only a few test runs, I'm happy to have these shoes in my closet, and would recommend them!

Also, La Sportiva has a great mountain running race calendar, as well as a blog, so those of you who like to adventure off of the pavement and onto the path less traveled should check it out!

In non running news, I am probably MORE excited than my toddlers for Christmas tomorrow. Rowen is now 3 , and while he doesn't remember Christmas last year, he seems to have a general idea that some guy named Santa is going to show up and bring him a gift if he continues to be a good boy. While I strive to teach my kids the TRUE meaning of Christmas, I can not wait to see his face tomorrow morning. It's not about the gifts, but about the MAGIC that surrounds the idea of Santa, and the love and fun of being with half of our extended family for this day. I can not wait!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my running friends out here in bloggy land! I hope Santa brings each one of you a P.R. for the new year :)

Many Blessings,
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