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We have crabs…hermit crabs, tyvm!

Posted Oct 15 2010 12:00am

Yes, I used “tyvm”. Yes, I’m slightly ashamed to admit to it! For all of the non-texters/bloggers/forum stalkers “tyvm” means “Thank you very much” in super cool short hand. I usually detest this type of short hand but every once in a while I feel compelled to use it – like today, for example. I think it annoys me most when people say this out loud. As in they say the letters “tyvm” rather than saying the actual words…weirdos!

Anyway…on to the actual topic of this post – Hermit Crabs!

We are the proud owners of some additional pets…three hermit crabs!

This has been a long time coming. When we went to look at fish I tried to convince Chris that we wanted to get hermit crabs instead of fish. Obviously he won out. That was over a year ago. My mom knew about this and when she saw a posting at work for a hermit crabs and all the fixings for only $20 she got it! It came with a 10 gallon tank, “toys”, a heater and one hermit crab. She kept it at her place for two weeks before I actually had a chance to see her and get the crab. Of course we had to go buy a few more crabs – contrary to their name they are social creatures.

So, we have three hermit crabs – Herman (the original), Floyd and Irma Eloise. Floyd is the largest of the three and he is still pretty small…

When we first bough Floyd and Irma Eloise they were very active and scampering all over the place. Once they got into their new home they were pretty boring in the beginning. If they did move around they sucked back into their shells as soon as they saw any movement. We have had them for two weeks and they are getting active again.

Herman (Hermie) has been “missing” for the past two weeks. I’m not sure where he disappeared to, but when Mom first brought the tank over he hid right away. I had to dig up the entire tank just to find him – he is a good hider. I’m quite certain he is still hiding. I moved around all of the top soil the other day and I didn’t see him. I have all of the plants and such set up nicely so I really don’t want to dig the entire thing up to find him, just to have him go back into hiding right away. Besides, he may be molting or something like that and being hidden is best for him.

Occasionally I will bring the crabs out to explore; however, this works best when Fred isn’t around and/or feeling attention deprived. He has meet Floyd and I think Fred had more fun with it than Floyd did!

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