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Walking in a Winter Wonderland. (or the less commonly known, Running in a Winter Wonderland

Posted Dec 19 2009 2:18pm
Typically as winter weather approaches, we are generally lucky in the fact that the snow has either not started or is just starting and it is the most magnificent time to go out and enjoy a run!  There is something magical about running in the middle of a snow storm and this year was no exception.  I am lucky enough to live in an area where they plow the one mile walking path behind my house and I can still get my run in without a treadmill.  

Today, our plower was behind schedule, my hubby, always one to show off being a JEEP owner, took me out shopping and when we got back , I noticed our walking path was plowed.  I quickly grabbed Dash and threw on the Goretex jacket and hat and we went out!  We made it 4 miles (I was hoping for 6) when we ran into one of her best-est friends (Oliver) and we stopped to say, "hi" and by the time we were done, I was very cold and decided I had been lucky to even get out. Dash and I went home, defrosted and called it a day! 

One of the best things about being a dog owner is winter.  Running in the winter, for me, is not always fun, but when  you have a dog, watching them enjoy the day makes winter 100% more enjoyable!  Since most people don't venture out in the snow, Dash gets the rare opportunity to run off-leash and watching her decide between running on the plowed path or running/hopping in the deep snow.  Today she ran 4 miles where usually I'm pushing her the last of 3 miles!

Anyway, I'm sorry some folks got snowed in, but I've seen lots of runners come back from a snow-in revving their engines and letting it all go shortly after! Have fun in the snow and take it easy!
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