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Waiting to Run

Posted Jul 10 2010 3:41am
It's 6:26 AM. I've been up since 4:40. I tossed and turned, waiting to fall back asleep for a little bit before my alarm sounded at 6 AM. 

Lil' Bubba started crying. His pacifier bounced out of and under the crib. I went and got him another one. I laid down again. He cried again. I went his room ... another pacifier lost in the dark abyss under the crib. I got another. I thought about laying down. 

Screw it, I'm awake. 

I have nervous energy. I haven't run in two days. My head has been like a stuffed cotton ball this past week from heat, constant air conditioning, and the crappy air quality. I was planning to skip my long run altogether this week. 

It's early enough in my training to just skip it. When you don't feel well, you're better off not running. Right?

Now I sit here, breakfast done, dog walked and one cup of coffee pulsing through my system. I'm waiting to digest my food before hitting the road. The weather gods call for a 70% chance of rain, heavy at times. The sun is out right now. Just before 6 when I walked Toby, it was already stifling and awful outside.  If it rains while I run, it may be a blessing. 

I'm feeling better, but still feel a bit out of it. Maybe it's this energy-sucking heat. Will I do my 12-13 miles? Wasn't I supposed to rest? I'll try to go as far as I can, without making myself ill.

Nervous energy is the worst. Sometimes, so is having a run addiction and not knowing when to cool it because you're over-tired, injured, or in my case, not feeling well.

Here I sit... waiting to run... wondering how it will go. The waiting makes me crazy. I need to get moving.
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