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Vibrams: Are they Safe?

Posted Sep 23 2012 2:14am

Following their Recent Lawsuit, Do You Think These Shoes are Safe?


Do the Vibram brand “Five Fingered Toe” shoes work? With their recent lawsuit against them for supposedly making fraudulent health claims, you’ll have to wonder whether these barefoot simulating shoes really work. People like myself typically look up reviews for product to make sure we’re not burning on money on things that don’t work. On first view, you’ll see a lot of positive reviews on how the Vibrams are a great product. Some people state that it helped their postures. Athletes who use this for running claim that the Vibram shoes helped them increase their leg and feet strength. This is popularly believed because Vibram shoes simulate barefoot running, which initial studies claim is beneficial for improved mobility and strength. However, in the current lawsuit against Vibram, there have been studies that claim that there are insufficient studies to properly prove that the claims that Vibrams make are true. The evidence suggests that there is less shock absorbency for runners who are rear foot strikers, opposite of the accompanying evidence showing that forefoot striking runners benefit from this. Also, there are several health risks that must be considered when considering the benefits of barefoot running or running with Vibram shoes or similar. That is not to say that Vibrams do not deliver. In this end, this is all a matter of opinion, which involves some intensive research to get to your preference. In retrospect, it could be that those reviewers of Vibrams do truly benefit them and can be a good asset for runners. In the end, it’s up to you to decide.

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