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Vega Sport sugar-free energizer review

Posted Jul 15 2013 8:27pm
If you've been reading this blog for more than a day, you know I'm a coffee addict. However, the one time I'm not? Before a workout. It just doesn't jive with my stomach, even more a short one. (And no matter how much more before I drink it...unless it's several hours). Anyway, when  Vega Sport  reached out to me telling me about a sugar-free energizer (sweetened with stevia), I was intrigued. No, it's not coffee, but has green tea extract in it to give you an energy boost.

Vega was nice enough to send me several little grab 'n go packs that made it easy peasy.  The directions are simple: mix the little pack with 8 oz of cold water 20 minutes before low impact or short workouts (less than an hour).

They sent two flavors and I went with acai berry first.
The first few sips were rough simply because I didn't mix it well enough and I all I could taste was the green tea. I don't know why, but green tea is always such a harsh taste to me, so it tasted really strong. After I mixed it a little more and let it settle for a few minutes, I tasted more of the berry flavor and didn't mind it. I don't know that I felt so energized, but I went without coffee that morning and didn't miss it. So, if nothing else, it helped curb that fatigued feeling on days I don't do coffee.

Next up, was the lemon lime.

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