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Useful Review of Hydration Systems (from the Seattle Times)

Posted Oct 18 2008 4:08pm

I've been mulling over which hydration system to buy for my marathon training, & so, have been searching around for relevant product reviews on the internet. I came across this article, which I thought was fairly useful.

If any of you have any recommendations for a hydration system that you've personally tried & loved, or likewise, could advise me on which systems to avoid, I'd be ever so grateful!

I'm hesistant to go with CamelBak, as I've heard several negative comments about how people chafe after 26.2 miles of running with that thing bobbing up & down on their back! I'm slightly more inclined to go with a belted system of some sort. However, I also understand from friends & reviewers alike, that these systems aren't exactly perfect either: The most common complaint is that bottles routinely fall out of the multi-bottle holster-style systems. (As for this particular style of hydration system, the brands I'm most familiar with, thus far, are Nathan Sports, Amphiphod, & Fuel Belt.)

It sounds to me like the various companies that make hydration systems still have a long way to go in order to perfect their products' design, for better usability, comfort, & overall mobility & mechanics. Not sure how long I'll wait for them to engineer the "perfect" product, but right now, I have atleast another 6 months to a year before I actually need to start thinking seriously about making a buying decision. So maybe there's a chance that they'll get their act together by then, eh?! ;-)

Think I'm going to head over to R&J's at some point to check out the different hydration systems in person......

At any rate, I'm certainly open to suggestions, so if you've got a convincing argument for one particular system over another, I'd love to hear your opinions.

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