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Two Itchy Feet conquers the Beast

Posted Feb 11 2013 4:57am

Sunday run: 10 miles on TM!

Weekly mileage: 19 miles running, 4 miles cross-trainer, 2 NTC sessions

Happy Monday all!

Is it snowing where you are? Well, it's trying in this part of the world, though not quite succeeding.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty chillaxed, thanks. I think it was the first 'normal' weekend I've had down here, i.e. no work, no visitors, just the G and me doing our thang.

Well, our 'thang' consisted of being pretty lame as the weather was total and utter sh**e! I started my weekend early by getting a much-needed sports massage on Friday morning. My ankle had been acting up again, probably after the increased mileage, and so I went to see Mike at The Physio Rooms to help sort me out. 

Ok, ladies. Quick q: what DO you wear to get a sports massage that doesn't get awkward?? My shame-threshold is pretty low but man, lying there getting twisted and turned and pummelled and squeezed, lemme tell you, I felt rather exposed in my small pair of knickers. Next time: granny panties!!!! 

Anyways, Mike said I 'might' feel some tenderness over the next few days. So instead of heading out for a 4-mile run, I was good and headed to the gym for a 4-mile cross-trainer session instead, followed by some Nike Training Club. That out of the way, I explored some of the local coffee shops and had some 'me' time with my book and a humongous (and very cheap!) cappuccino.

Saturday morning I tried to get up and almost fell over, that's how sore my calves were. Thanks Mike and good-bye long run! Instead, we spent the day pottering about. Oh, and discovering the biggity-bomb Mediterranean restaurant. Hands down. The grub was so, so, so, so delish, it's already kicked our Cambridge-fave-restaurant's bootey. (Ok, the pix are crap, but believe me, this place rocked!)

So, no long run on Saturday meant long run on Sunday. 'cept that it was pas pouring outside. Not just a slight drizzle, but heavens-opened, angels throwing water buckets at us-pouring. And I was still sore (thanks Mike!). So we decided to do the unspeakable: we headed to the gym in an attempt to run 10 friggin' miles on the dreadmill. 

Now, I can be a bit of a princess in other areas of my life, but when it comes to working out I get out there in the wind, the rain, the snow, the heat... If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll know it's true. But I just couldn't face it yesterday. Like I had a proper inner-blockage

So to the gym we went. I'd stolen asked for G's ipad and loaded it with some TV shows to counter the boredom (he's way stronger mentally than me and made do with his music. I guess the football helped). And lemme tell you: we did it. We ran 10 friggin' miles on the TM!!! I maintained a plodding pace with a .5% incline. I did the first mile at 10min/mile, mile 2 at 9:40, mile 3 at race pace. Mini-break, then did the same thing again. It was ok.

After about 6ish miles, however, the stupid dreadmill re-set itself and kept putting me into cool-down mood, slowing down to a walk. Super annoying. So finally I just ended that sesh and started a new one. So no proud 10 mile-picture as a proof that I did it, I'm afraid. 

6.44 miles
3.63 miles (I think it's time to take the screen off the back of my phone to get better pix?!)
I took an energy gel after mile 6 and started a new show (watched the Ripper, mainly cause I could only work out BBC iplayer, and not impressed. Anyone else seen it?). The last 3 1/2 miles were tough, more mentally than physically. I didn't mind the running but was getting bored of the treadmill. So after each mile, I slowed down to a quick walk for about 30 secs, just to get my head back into place. I threw in some more race-pace intervals at the end as well.

You like the compression socks look at the gym? Well, them calves were sore!!!
Yup, I was feeling pretty psyched. As tough as the TM is, I felt like I conquered the beast. But honestly, I have no desire to do it again...

Oh yeah, we did it!

Another good thing about doing your long run at the gym other than staying dry? Getting into the hot tub afterwards. Bliss on them tired legs. And luckily, our gym has a cafe with semi-decent and healthy food as well as TV screens for all the big sports games, so that's what we did afterwards.  

Not very inspiring but it was healthy and filled a hole. Do you like how that guy totally photo-bombed me? What's up with that??

And my other fave thing about long runs? Coming home and being totally justified in sitting on the couch and not moving for the next five hours except to get up and cook us some quick but super-tasty dinner!!!

This week is taper week, with the Brighton half this Sunday. Let's just hope the weather will have sorted itself out by then. No crazy runs planned, just some easier plods and a race-pace run. 

Tonight, I'm heading to Sweaty Betty for a free barre class. I've read so much about it on some of the American blogs that I want to know what the fuss is all about!

How was your weekend? Any new distance records? Memorable runs? Other fun stories to share?

Have you ever done your long run on the dreadmill?

How do you keep yourself entertained?  

Ladies, what do you wear to your sports massage?

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