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Twighlight (Zone) 7 Miler

Posted Jun 06 2009 12:04am

There's an old MC Escher lithograph that I kept thinking about on this evening's run. It's called Ascending and Descending (shown at right - click to enlarge). At the top of the building two groups of robed figures are walking in a circle in opposite directions on a staircase. The impossible illusion is that one of the groups looks like it is walking down the entire way - and the other group is continually walking up. Some days your legs feel great and everything on the run seems downhill. My 7 mile loop today definitely was the latter - a loop that was uphill the entire way.

I've run this route before and I like it because it has a challenging hill for the first 3 miles, which means that at some point I have to go back down to get back to my starting point. Except today felt like I was going up the entire way.

You know, I never believed my grandfather when he told us when we were all little munchkins how he had to walk 2 miles to school everyday when he was a kid and that it was uphill both ways. "Ha ha, Grandpa. That's impossible. Ha ha ha. You can't trick us Grandpa." Well, I'm here to testify that it is, in fact, possible.

In other news: I'm very very tired. More on that as details emerge.

Today: 7 miles

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


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