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Tuesday Tidbits

Posted Aug 20 2013 1:44pm
I got a lovely package delivered very recently… Premier Protein is a favorite of ours.

Aug 9 Premier Protein 001

I won this package in a giveaway and when I gave the blogger my address she told me that Premier Protein will not ship to Canada… which I know is not true because I had received shipments from them in the past. But she was adamant.  So I contacted Premier Protein on my own and they very promptly sent me out the goodies, and apologized on behalf of the blogger… no I didn’t bother telling her.  I was just so happy to get my winnings!

And I got another box of goodies in the mail, too.

Aug 13 ips chips 001

These are delicious!  And although I was surprised to find that they have corn flour, they are gluten-free and have lots of protein.  Very crispy and tasty.

I have been looking into workout options...  thought about doing another round of Best Body Boot Camp but decided, as much as I loved it, I wanted to try something else.  I checked out several online training sites, and while searching, this blog post appeared in my inbox...from Kammie at Sensual Appeal , and it is about some fitness programs she has used and her thoughts about them. I was intrigued, and had a look at their web sites.

And when I contacted Kammie for a bit more information about one in particular, she kindly invited me to be part of a small, private group who is going to follow that program and encourage each other on a daily basis.  It is not a challenge; it is a group of #FitBuddies and it sounded like fun.

I checked  out the details and I think it will be right up my alley.

Strength train 3 X per week and cardio 3 X per week.  There are 2 different strength workouts assigned... one is a PUSH workout and the other is a PULL workout... and I am not sure yet what is in store for #3.  If it is a repetition of either of these 2 I just may do one of the workouts I found and shared last week - I loved all 3.

I did the first strength workout yesterday- the PUSH workout.  It was upper body and core work and I was quite spent when it was done.  Felt good and I really enjoyed my stretch afterward.

Today The Captain and I ran 7.5 km along the Strait, and then came in for a good long stretch and lots of water!  By then we were both pretty hungry… I cooked up some eggs and ham while The Captain carved into a fresh pineapple that we bought a couple of days ago… it is perfectly ripe and I had forgotten how good they taste. I think we will get another one on Thursday.

Aug 20 breakfast 001

I am excited to have put in this mileage today… doesn’t sound like much but we have normally only been running 5 km every time we go out so this was a significant increase. I know that  I want to start running a bit longer again not that Fall is almost in the air.

I also want to do some more sprint work.  And yes, I still want to do some yoga.

Do your workouts change with the seasons?

Do you like fresh pineapple, too?  Any tips for selecting a great one at the store?

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