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Tuesday Things {07-02-2013}

Posted Jul 02 2013 9:55am

1. Last Friday, Ian and I grabbed dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood spots, Butterfly Sushi . Don’t get me wrong, I really like their sushi, but the definite star of the show is their understated “green salad”.

salad Tomatoes, avocado, mango, sesame seeds, and Asian ginger dressing goodness in a bowl. Delicious!

2. I’m not sure why Ian takes me anywhere. At our sushi dinner I managed to spill soy sauce, place my water glass in the spilled soy sauce, and then get soy sauce all over my side of the table.

sushi So sloppy.

3. The Chicago Healthy Living Blogger Book Club was last weekend and I think we officially set a record for talking the least about a book at a book club. It wasn’t because we didn’t like the book (we read Wild ), we just had a lot of other things to chat about. Plus, Erin (our lovely host) made some wicked sangria that elevated our chattiness to pure giggles. I loved catching with and seeing the smiling faces of some of my favorite Chicagoans.

4. I’ve been making a bigger effort to fit carbies into my daily diet and sometimes this means brinner is necessary.

waffles Has anyone tried Van’s Ancient Grains waffles? I’m not sure how I feel about them. I did manage to burn one though so I probably shouldn’t pass judgement yet.

5. I made two types of peanut butter last weekend in my mini food processor and it started smoking and smelled like burning plastic during the second batch. Good thing I like crunchy nut butter because I pulled the plug on that batch immediately!

toast 6. A few weeks ago, I bought a Gilt deal for Bite Cafe in Ukrainian Village and last Sunday, Ian and I were able to go for brunch. The restaurant was pretty small and fairly busy but we were still able to grab a table for two (no wait) around 10 am which is basically unheard of in the city. Their menu looked fabulous and I ended up ordering a breakfast bi bim bop (minus the egg) which was absolutely delicious.

bitcafe Ian also loved his pork shoulder hash and I know we’ll be back soon to explore other menu options.

7. On Sunday, Ian and I decided to bring our coffee up to the roof of our apartment building to enjoy the view.

chicago The Chicago skyline never gets old.

8. I’ve been looking for a longer but not too long pair of running shorts and I took advantage of Erin’s Swirlgear ambassadorship at book club and bought a pair. I went out for a recovery run with them on Monday and was so so happy to find a pair of shorts that didn’t ride up. I’m sure everyone appreciated not having to see me pick my shorts out of my butt.

swirlgear 9. This is how Sonic feels about Mondays…

sonic I’m with ya buddy.

How was your weekend?
What are you up to for the fourth?

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