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Tuesday Night Crawlers, week 4

Posted Nov 29 2011 11:27pm
Tuesday night, and the Tuesday Night Crawlers enjoyed a relatively flat run around Yahola. There is a 100% chance of a good sunset, provided it is not totally cloudy, and tonight was no exception. Wes and I got there just before 5:00, and did a speedy loop around the reservoir, averaging 9:30 m/m, and got back as the 5:30 arrivers trickled in.
Pictured left to right: Wes, Rafael, Lauri, Susan, Rachel, and Christine, with yours truly taking the picture.

Wes and I noticed an old Cadillac parked in the other parking area as we ran through it, with a middle-aged couple enjoying each other I suspect a bit more than the sunset. On our second trip through, they were still there. It was darker, colder, and the windows were steamier. I had ran back to run Susan and Lauri in, and those rascals shined their headlamps over towards the car, and I just KNEW the lovebirds were gonna roll down the windows and yell something. Lauri said she was sure this would end up in my blog, and well, I hate to disappoint.
Now I'll let you all guess--did I have the cojones to sneak back and take a picture? Or did I just find this on Google? I'm not telling!!!!
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