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Trying Tuesday--

Posted Mar 05 2013 11:09pm
Such a busy and emotional day. First thing this morning I went with Ray to the dentist for a re-check from his surgery that he had last week. The dentist said that everything looked good. While Ray was in with the dentist, Laurie called and asked if I had looked at the weather forecast for the next few seems we are supposed to get another big snow storm and we might have to postpone my Silpada Jewelry fundraiser party...We will make that decision tomorrow.

On the way home we had to stop by Walmart...which under the BEST of circumstances is not GOOD....and today's trip was a nightmare. They are turning the store into a Super Walmart and the store is in a total state of disarray and chaos. It took forever to get through the place to purchase the few items we needed. I could not WAIT to get out of there!

When we got home we had some disturbing news about some things that a dear friend is going through right now and we had quite an emotional few hours trying to process the news, and to figure out if there is any way that we can help. I won't go into any further details, but prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Early in the afternoon I had an appointment to get my hair cut and I almost decided to postpone it because there was so much going on,  but I decided to go ahead and get it done and I am really glad I did.This was my first time with a new hairstylist and I really liked her a lot.

Late this afternoon I Skyped with my dear friend Mary McManus about next weeks fundraiser and as always....I felt much less stressed after talking with Mary....she has such a warm calming effect on me....I love this lady so! Although we are the same age, I keep telling her that I want to be like her when I grow up!

Tonight I decided to go to Marshall's to see if I could find a blouse or sweater to wear to my fundraiser next week....UGH...I HATE shopping and trying clothes on! I decided to try on a dress along with a few other items and...well...OMG!! I had to laugh (to keep from screaming!) when I looked at the clothing hooks on the walls of the fitting room. They had little signs above said, said, DEFINITELY and the last one said, "TOMORROW?".....As I was about to kill myself trying to get the dress off over my NOT SO THIN body in front of the HORRIBLE mirror....I actually said out loud..."So...where's the sign that say's NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!" I heard definite giggles coming from the adjacent fitting room when I said that, but hey...I think they put in those carnival fun know...the one's that make everything look freakishly distorted and very, very....BIG!! After spending a couple of hours in Marshall's...I came out of the store empty handed!! Guess I'll try again tomorrow?!

Oh, did I mention today's run? No? Well, that's because I never RAN!! Oh well, as Scarlett say's....."Tomorrow is another day!"

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