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Troy: Meet Adam....Adam: Meet Troy

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:49pm

Note: There is a point to these pictures, but you must read the post to figure it out :)

So, there's nothing like getting up early...driving to run...and having it start pouring down you pull in the parking lot. Nice. So, in lieu of running outside, I decided to still get the miles in on the treadmill (or the "I Hate Running Machine"). Since I HATE running on the treadmill, I thought I would get in 3 miles instead of the 4 I had planned, and pick up the other mile somewhere else this week.

But guess what?

(And this is for all of you 30+ somethings).

Did you know that they play music videos on VH1 between at least 6:50am and 7:30am???? All of these years I have been trying to figure out where the music videos went...AND NOW I FOUND THEM! It might even *be worth it* to run on the treadmill now (I didn't really say that). So here's how it shook down (by artist, not song...because well, I can't remember what they were all called):

Matt Kearney: Undeniable
Vanessa Carleton: ???
Fergie: Big Girls Don't Cry (looking at her made me want to run faster)
Melissa Ethridge: ????
Nickleback: can't remember the song but very cool video

And then I decided to cool down.


Maroon 5: Wake up Call. And OMG...Adam Levine is so hot (sorry mom/dad), but for real. And he kindof looks like T-roi (especially when he hasn't shaven, but since I could not find an unshaven pic of T, I attached the clean versions of both my men. I mean, both of them. So you could see the resemblence. And just how lucky I am.) And did I mention how hot he is? Very cool video. But, Adam, I mean, c'mon. So, since I sorta felt like he was singing to me, I decided I couldn't let him see me walking and I began to run again.

And I cranked out 4 whole miles on the treadmill.

And it wasn't hard at all.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Wed: 10k (to see where I'm at for the Labor Day Race)
Thur: 5 miles
Fri: 5 miles
Sat: speedwork (Ha!)
Sun: Rest

I also changed my training schedule so that I don't have to run on the weekends unless I'm doing speedwork or crosstraining on the trails. I have just succumb to the fact that I don't like running on the weekends, and since my work schedule permits endless hours of running during the week, there is no reason that I can't treat myself to non-running weekends (ie, I can sleep in!).

Have a great week!
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