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Tripping OverMyself: Warm Weather Gear

Posted Aug 08 2009 10:13pm

Tripping over myself


By Blaine ( Blaine' s profile & Blaine' s blog)

It’s time to start stocking up on your warm weather gear while prices are still low. I’m not talking about finding great deals on last year’s gear. That would be way too practical. I’m talking about Global Cooling.

The age of Global Warming is coming to an end and the latest trend in environmental Cartoon global warming theories is Global Cooling. In an article released this year in The Guardian  scientists have evidence that we are beginning to experience a period of reduced solar flaring. This could result in a cool-down cycle that would effectively counteract global warming.

Imagine the possibility of being able to walk from Manhattend to Staten Island over the ice. Ice skating sales would skyrocket. With this happening, singlets would no longer be a hot commodity.

Bikini sales would fall; running topless would no longer be a debate.

Shorts would be replaced with pants. Long sleeve shirts and war weather gear would be in high demand.

It’s time to start stock-piling the winter gear now before the prices skyrocket. Get your running spikes now before the stores run out.

You might as well train for the upcoming Polar Bear Marathon that will appear also.

In the off chance that this year is just a fluke and global warming comes back, it may be a good idea to stock pile your summer gear also or at least put them in storage.

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