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Tripping Over Myself: Post Marathon Attention (PMA)–How to Keep the Thrill Alive

Posted Sep 26 2009 10:04pm

Tripping Over Myself

Post Marathon Attention (PMA)–How to Keep the Thrill Alive

ByBlaine HawkesatAnother Day, Another Run

The feeling of crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles of running and seeing friends and family there cheering you on is an incredible sensation. For some of you, this may be your first time in the spotlight. You have just earned the attention similar to someone who has just saved the world from the earth-destroying meteor that was hurling toward the earth. The problem that you now face is how to keep the thrill of attention alive in your life. There are some key techniques to accomplish this.

The Marathon Walk This is the easiest and effortless attention getter to start with. Your naturally slower anyways so take it a step further and add some facial expressions and Going a little slower and wincing as you go up and down the stairs and give a groan every now and then. This should last you a good 4 or 5 days depending on your time in the race. Remember to ask your friends and family to “walk a little slower”.

Social Media

It’s time to use modern technology to its full advantage. Take time to post all your recovery stats on your Facebook and Twitter pages…sign your friends and co-workers up to receive the up to the minute text stats that the race organizers send out. Above all else….be sure to update your blog. You could even go out on a limb and bring your marathon story into a comment on someone else’s blog although we don’t condone that sort of behavior.

Race Mementos for Your Co-Workers

Make sure to bring souvenirs back to all your co-workers. Buying the race photos that are put on mugs and mouse pads are a great choice. Since Christmas is only three months away now is the time to order your gifts. You must be careful to only give out items that will not be used on a regular basis, but has enough value that it won’t be thrown away immediately. This allows you the perfect opportunity to bring up the topic many weeks or months after the race. While you are visiting with a co-worker, pick up the souvenir and say something casual like “oh, you still have this (blank) that I got from that fall marathon. That sure was a fun race…” perfect opportunity.

Casual Fridays, Halloween, Company Athletic Events, etc.

Let’s be honest. How many race shirts do you wear while training? Why do you think they give them out with your registration? Because they are assisting you in this process. Race organizers understand the importance of reminding people about your marathon. Take advantage of the company casual Fridays, community service projects, taking your kids to the park, etc. There is nothing like a bright orange technical shirt with the word “MARATHON” on it to become a conversation starter. You’ll want to associate with different people each time you wear it to keep the interest alive.

I’m sure this is the just the tip of the iceberg. With some additional thought you too can master the art of PMA.

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