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Triathlon training begins…

Posted Jan 28 2013 4:37pm

It’s official:  The Mullet Man triathlon is 12 weeks away.  It is time to get serious and start training hard.  I sat down this weekend and set up a training schedule for the next 12-weeks.  It is a modified version of the one in (don’t make fun) The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Triathlon Training.  I bought this book last year to help with my first triathlon .

I actually did pretty good in the last year’s Mullet Man , placing 2nd in the fat tire division.  I was able to take a lot away from that race as well.  Example: start on the outside of the swim pack, move through my transition points quicker, do not ride a 50 lb too small mountain bike, just to name a few!

So drum roll if please….  Here is the plan of attack!  Let’s hope I can stick to this plan better than my half marathon training.  I definitely can not cry boredom this time around!

Week 1-4

Mullet Man Week 1

Week 5-8

Mullet Man Week 2

Week 9-12

Mullet Man Week 3

Today’s Workout

Week 1 -Monday

Bike – Single Leg Drills - 10.12 miles in 43:04, 14 mph pace (Not blazing any trails but this was my first time on a bike in months)

Run – Transitions Run – 1.12 miles in 10:20, 9:12 pace (First transition run in a long time.  It took half a mile for my legs to begin to work, after that I was able to open up my stride.)

Weights – This is a killer chest workout.  I think next time I will do different ab exercises.  I could barely hold myself up during the burpees and mountain climbers!

Wow after that workout I laid on the floor in the gym for a few minutes!  Now time for a protein shake and some BCAA’s!

Can you tell I have a small obsession with excel?

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