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Trial and Oops!

Posted Nov 30 2010 12:00am

Today is one of those days where I am just full of advice. Advice that isn’t really all that helpful…mostly because what I call “advice” would pass as “common sense” for the average human.

First, if you take a dose of night-quil-eske cold medicine in the middle of the night you should probably set an alarm, even if you do not work until 10am. My plan was to sleep in until 8am-ish and then head out for a run. That did not happen. I barely remember Chris leaving for work at 7am and I did not wake up until 8:58am, just in time to get my butt ready for work! Oops.

Second, when you head into the Y for a “quick lunch hour run” you should pay attention to all of the signs that you walk by on an almost daily basis…especially the one that says “Locker Room A is Closed For Cleaning 2:25pm-2:55pm”. I walked out of the locker room all ready to run at 2:20pm. My plan was to speed shower and change before 3pm. I was not smart enough to figure out the locker room was closed for cleaning until I wanted to get in to shower. The good news is I had time to run an extra mile. The bad news is that I was 15 minutes late getting back from my lunch. Oops.

Third, if you are buying an electronic device that needs to get electrical power from somewhere think about what types of batteries it requires and what types of batteries you have at home. Otherwise you’ll end up  the stupid stud finder and going to the gas station to pay $5.26 for ONE 9volt battery. All because I was/am too lazy to drive an extra three miles and walk through Menards (again, ew) to save some money. Oops.

Forth, when your cat spends two days following you around with dilated pupils you should pay attention to which plants have been nibbled on. After we brought home all the plants on Sunday Fred has been acting extra deprived – not exactly unusual. However, his pupils have been super dilated – not even a little normal. I noticed that the spider plant that I put in the nook up above the kitchen cabinet looked a bit nibbled on. I think Fred has been climbing/hopping/leaping up onto the counter, the fridge and then on top of the kitchen cabinets. That turd cat! This is why I needed the stud finder to hang this plant! I think spider plants are unsafe for cats. Oops.

See…I learned lots of things today. Mostly by trial and oops! Bring it on Wednesday!

If all goes well I will remember to set my alarm clock and I will get my hiney out of bed in time to get to my 6am spin class!

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