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Trevor crashed and burned, but he is ok.

Posted Aug 01 2010 9:58pm
Well we had an interesting Sunday. Trevor went to ride bikes with his friend. Less than 30 mins later I get a call from his friends Mom telling me we should come and get him he had an accident. Long story short he went over his handlebars and tried to break his fall with his arms. Wrong move. He broke two broken bones in the right arm, one breaking through the surface. He broke one bone in his left arm. He also took 3 stitches in the chin. He had to have surgery to set them correctly. He will be in long casts for 2-3 weeks. Then hopefully short casts after that. The guy was a champ. He didn't cry or freak out. His friend remained calm too and got him home safely and had his mom call us. The Nurses and doctors were great with him too. He had tryouts of soccer this week. I don't think that is going to happen.

After Surgery
In the emergency room.
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