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Tree Trunk Legs

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:55pm
That's what they feel like this morning.
I told the personal trainer for my session yesterday that I did not want to do a leg-intensive workout. So we did a super intensive upper body workout. I foam rolled the crap out of my quads. And yet, my upper body is as fresh as can be, and my legs are like dead weights. This should make my 4 or 5 mile run this evening very interesting.

Though my legs feel less than stellar, I had a great workout with the trainer. He showed me some moves that I will definitely be incorporating into my routine. We did a lot of throwing around of 12 lb medicine balls. I was scared the entire time the ball was going to land on my head and knock me unconscious or something. I'm pretty sure I had the most frightened expression on my face the entire time, haha. And I hope my arms get stronger with these moves! They are still like noodles.
And speaking of noodle arms, please allow me to rant a little bit. I try to keep positive 90% of the time, but maybe I'm in a weird state of mind cause I had super morbid dreams last night. Oh, and you can totally skip over this part.

Anyways. I wrote earlier about how I am trying to lose 0.5 lbs a week before Maui to get back to where I was in May/before I got sick a few weeks ago. It seems reasonable enough. I have been eating well too; brown-bagging ALL my lunches and snacks, eating lots of protein, and hardly eating anything that comes packaged. Heck, I honestly can't even remember the last time I had a chocolate, a candy bar, a soda, or even a protein bar! That is a HUGE accomplishment for me. (I'm a card carrying member of chocoholics anonymous) I'm exercising 6 days a week, and YET, I've put ON weight this week. This does not a speedy PR breaking Julia make. I'm also bummed cause my pants don't fit anymore, and unfortunately, my office won't let me come to work pants-less. (Darn) My a$$/thighs/gut have definitely gotten an extra layer of love, and yet my arms are noodles and bubbies are fast going into hiding. I honestly thought training would have the opposite effect.....
Ok. End rant

Phew that feels a tad bit better.

And since I cannot start Friday off on a sour note, I need to go back to doing my list of three things.

1) I am grateful that I can now run 10 miles. I remember when 6 miles used to kill me.
2) I like to savor... wow this one is hard today.... um... I like to savor.... Wow I can only think of things I DON'T like to savor.... come on Julia.....ummmm I like to savor every moment of freedom that is my weekend. No spending all day watching TV reruns for this girl!
3) I am hopeful that I will have a PR in Maui!!

Oh and I found out I have been peeling my bananas wrong all this time! Check it out;

Promise I will be in a better mood after I get to run today!
Have a good one!
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