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Traveling miles (Land and Air)

Posted Apr 26 2009 10:46pm
I had to travel to promote the new game I have been working on. See the videos in the other posts if you want to see what I have been working on. I was gone nearly 4 weeks on the road. I was worried about how this was going to affect my training. I didn't want to let my training fall behind. It wasn't easy. A lot of times I had to drag my sorry a$$ out of bed early in the morning to get a run in before a day of meetings, or go for a run at the end of a long day. Sometimes they were great runs outside running the San Francisco Wharf, other times they were in little workout rooms in Bentonville, AK (Home to Walmart) Thanks to my virtual running friends and motivation I was able to get through it. I have a couple more day trips, but here are the numbers after it was all said and done here are the numbers.

Total Air miles 11,143
Total flights 14
Different airlines 4
Different hotels 5
Total Miles Runs 116
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