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Travel Workouts

Posted Aug 25 2013 3:10am

Another week, another recap. School starts tomorrow, but my schedule won’t be starting until after labor day so this is going to be a week of nothing for me. Yoga and running today, and probably a lot more running coming up this week, but let’s look at my travel week. I can hardly believe I was still in RI a week ago at this time. Not gonna lie, I kind of wish I could go back in time. It was one of those summers.

Sun- ”Long run”! It was hard (about a mile longer than I have been running) but felt so good and I wasn’t about to pass up a run on my last day on the island! I miss it so much already. So. Much.

Mon- Spinning and walk with my mom. I stayed in Rhode Island until Monday just so I could go to spinning one last time and say bye to the instructor. My gym membership had already expired but they let me in anyways. I did the same loop I did the day before on my run but walking with my mom after spinning.


Tues- My mom and I got to school mid-afternoon and went for a walk in the trails on campus. I forgot how beautiful it is there, but I miss the ocean views on the island. We tried to stop by my cross country team but they were in the middle of drills and I felt awkward interrupting.

Wed- Walk with my mom. We did the trails again (about 4.5 miles) and then walked back and forth all day to my house from the mall, school, and grocery stores. By the end of the day my feet were so sore I couldn’t even think about doing anything but laying on the couch with a bowl of ice cream.

Thurs- One last walk with my mom before she left for Chicago, then first run at school! Whoops. No time since I was moving people in.

Fri- First run! And yoga! I missed my yoga studio here so much. I always get a lot out of it and this class was no exception. It really got me sweating and worked out some of the funk i’ve been in this week. The run was good too. I thought I was dying the entire time and loafing it. Turns out I ran it at a sub-8 minute pace. It was the first time I’ve worn a watch (not a GPS one) since my injury.

Sat- Run! I did the same loop as Friday. Except this time, I wasn’t feeling it in the morning so I didn’t go out until 1pm when it was above 80 degrees. I don’t recommend it. I finished with core and stretching for the first time in a month at least.


Overall, not the week I had planned with running. I thought I would run 4 times but I only ran 3. They were all longer runs for me right now so I can’t complain and it’s good I didn’t overdo it. I did get in a yoga session, lots of walking with my mom, and a spin session so I wasn’t lacking in the workout department and I’m not upset by it at all. It just wasn’t what I thought. The walks with my mom were worth way more to me than running. There were two mornings at my condo where she asked if I was going to run that day and I said I just wanted to go for a walk with her. In the past, I never would have skipped a run for a walk. I usually double up but I didn’t feel the need to. I don’t know why I felt the need to justify all of my walking and lack of running. I should probably work on that. I know Molly understands.

It’s probably good for me to cut back on mileage before I bump it up again, which is my hope for this coming week. No internship yet + night classes = tons of free time.

Are you flexible with your workouts?


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