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Training Vitamins and Supplements

Posted Aug 29 2012 10:38pm

You Don’t Want to End Up Like This Poor Runner During a Marathon

If you have considered or are considering running a marathon, you should know how crazy it is to train for it. Not just that, but if you’ve done your research, you should also know what kind of problems you can develop during training and during the event. However, there are a ton of things you can do to keep your body healthy during the training and to keep you safe and optimal during the event. The most important concern for marathon events is joint support and care. Your knees are going to get very worn out during this time, so it is best that you have enough nutrients and supplements to support your joints all around.

When looking for supplements for your joints, make sure to look for things that contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. These help repair cartilage in the joints and keeps that cartilage elastic and durable. The MSM in particular helps promote healing and tissue growth for your joints. Another major component to keep your body at its best is making sure you’re getting enough protein. Protein is important because it helps repair your muscles. Everyone who is physically active will need the protein to help repair muscles and reduce the soreness. It also helps build more muscle, which consequently improves stamina and speed. To help keep your joints from rubbing together so badly, fatty acid supplements will also help you greatly. When fatty acids are introduced to the body, it helps lubricate the joints so that there is a smoother motion between the joints with minimal inflammation or friction. That would effectively reduce any pain or swelling that may occur during the run or the training.

Glutamine being a part of you multivitamin intake will help keep your muscles strong and promote a strong immune system, which all contribute in shortening your recovery time significantly. There are many different multivitamins out there can help promote better performance for runners. Keep a lookout at your local GNC or other nutritional store for any of the supplements mentioned here and for multivitamins that is designed to promote improved performance for athletes, as it will help you maintain a strong body for your marathon.

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