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Training Plan for the Boston Marathon

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:00am
What's my training plan for the Boston Marathon?
time to get ready for Boston

I don't have a FORMAL one!  I like to leave room for flexibility and life.

Here's my casual plan
-RUN #1:  one long run per week (saturday morning with my training team, mileage determined by the coach, geared towards Boston on April 14th.)  pace 8:00 to 8:15-ish

-RUN #2:  one mid-week "longer" run at a casual-ish pace (a distance longer than 1/2 the saturday long run- i.e. if long run is 16 miles, I'd do 8-10 miles for this run)

-RUN #3:  one "faster/speedy" run 4-6 miles...either a few miles where I push the pace OR workout on the track

-RUN #4:  (optional) 6-7 easy fun miles

-lift weights once a week
goal:  stick some muscles on these legs

Summary:  run 3-4 times per week, strength training 1 X week

My long runs will always be on Saturday morning, but my other runs are just splattered throughout the week, wherever they happen to fit well with my work schedule.  I work three 12 hour shifts per week (half the shifts are overnight shifts and the other half are daytime shifts) and I don't run on days when I work.

This is what I've done on my previous marathons and I've had pretty good luck, so I figured that I'd try this type of "training plan" again.

I'll follow up in a few weeks with more details of how I'm going to incorporate half ironman training into my schedule as well :)

Do you follow a strict training plan?
I usually love planning and being all organized, so I'm the type who would love a routine running schedule/training plan, but I just can't because my work schedule changes every week.  So I run for fun, but I try to have a general purpose for each run.  This doesn't always happen, but that's just fine!
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