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Training free summer

Posted Jun 23 2013 12:32am

Last week was all about summer training, this week is all about… not?

Righttttttt. Let’s just unleash the crazy. I swear I’m not contradicting myself. But plans change. Life happens.

This week, my “training” was virtually nonexistent. I was 100% okay with it. For now, I am learning to be comfortable doing nothing. It’s working. I’m kind of enjoying being a “NARP” as my friends so fondly call them (to those of you who don’t know what that term is, it’s a “non-athletic regular person”. And yes I do have friends that are NARPs so I’m not hating).

Sun- nada

mon- nada

tues- Walked 8 miles with Carrie! It was the first day my legs didn’t hurt in weeks. I’m not sure what changed but I was thrilled!

wed- nada

thurs- run 2 miles!!!!!!!!

fri-run 5.5 miles (2am, 3.5pm)

sat- run 3.5 miles + walking 6-8 miles with mom!

I had an appointment with my physical therapist on Wednesday. Finally. I called Tuesday morning and they had an opening Wednesday morning. They didn’t have to ask twice.


I was so scared this would be yet another mystery case. When I got there, they examined my legs and determined that I have severe overpronation. I already knew this, of course. They also noticed that my left leg is slightly longer than the right which likely puts more pressure on that calf, causing the pain.

He watched me run which was still really painful. I was disappointed because I had felt SO good on my walk with Carrie the day before and had hoped that my legs were going to be good enough to run. Nope. We did some basic stretches to loosen up my leg and then he sat me down in the shoe room. First, he had me put on my own sneakers and take them for another little spin around the room. Ouch. Next we added orthotics into my shoe. #instarelief. Was this the answer? Could it really be that easy?


My fear is that this isn’t over. That it will never completely go away. That this isn’t the answer. It has to be more complicated. I finally emailed my coach. His go-to answer is always to get blood work done to find out if my iron is low. Even in my most disordered days, I never had a problem with low iron. If my running is still painful in another week, I will get the blood test. My mom’s family has a history of calf problems, i found out yesterday, and it isn’t from running specifically. I need to try cutting back on water next to see if that makes a difference. Drinking a full gallon a day isn’t exactly healthy…

The runs went surprisingly well. I took some advice from Chels who told me she’s running doubles every day but short distances. The first day, 2 miles felt pretty good. The pain was there but barely noticeable. On day 2, I ran 2 miles and then another 3.5 after work. The first run felt good but the second one was a little rough and my leg was hurting a little bit more. I hate running after work so I blame a lot of it on that. Yesterday’s run went really well, although I was breathing so heavily for those 3.5 miles. I’m just so out of shape so getting back into it is hard. I miss the days I could run 8 miles without breaking a sweat.

When I haven’t been sitting on my butt recovering, I’ve been planking. New record: 3:16. Less than 2 minutes from my goal.


I’m not sure what next week will bring yet. I’m hoping to be around 20 miles but if it hurts, I’m not going to push it. Right now my focus is on feeling better because I’m still not back at 100%. It’s feeling pretty good during the runs, but after has been up and down. Hopefully PT tomorrow will loosen up my leg muscles again. Doing too much too fast is definitely not going to help me get to where I want to be.

Anyone have a crazy plank record?

Favorite workout of the week?

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