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Trail Running and a Yoga Date

Posted Feb 20 2013 4:26pm


Last week was one of the most stressful weeks I’ve ever experienced. I had some major deadlines to meet on top of everything else, which meant too many all-nighters, one of which happened to be on Valentine’s Day! So instead of going out, I stayed up until almost 6am doing work, but it was all made better with some pink champagne to celebrate V-Day ;)



Coffee was my absolute LIFESAVER last week. I might as well have had a coffee IV with the amounts I was getting through! When I stayed up at night to work, I had a kettle and a jar of instant coffee next to my laptop so I was on a caffeine buzz all night long! :P



Since Friday though, life has been back to normal! I had a quiet night in on Friday night and caught up on my sleep, and then celebrated the end of a stressful week with friends on Saturday and Sunday night, which was so fun!



There have been lots of fun training sessions in the past week in the freezing cold! Does anyone else get headaches after running in sub-zero temperatures? It feels like my brain has frozen and is slowly (and painfully!) thawing. Still, running in the cold > running in heat any day!!



Every Monday we have a team conditioning session after a run, which always kicks my butt! We start off with hurdle drills (leg swings over hurdles, jumping from standing start over hurdles, etc.), which are great for mobility and increasing muscular power and explosiveness. I suck at hurdle drills (reason #1000 why I am not a hurdler!!) but I am improving each week :) I find this the hardest- you never realise how high they are until you have to try this:


After hurdles, we do planks, then go into the circuit, which is different each week. We do our circuit workouts progressively, so we increase the intensity and time for each exercise over four weeks, then cut back for a week before increasing again. This week was a cutback week, so the circuit was shorter than usual:


Hurdle drills and planks, then 3×40 seconds of the following, with 1 minute between each circuit:

- lunge jumps
- push ups
- T-leg raises
- mountain climbers/sprint thrusts
- alternate leg V Sits
- burpees


The last couple of days there has been SUNSHINE here for what must be the first time all year! It has made for some beautiful trail runs:) This is one of my favourite spots, and I often sit here at the end of my run and just watch the river.



As with every trail run, I was pretty muddy by the time I had finished! I lost track of the time when running and realised as soon as I finished my run that I was seriously late for an appointment at the hairdressers, so I had to go straight to the salon, muddy legs and all! Thankfully I’m good friends with my hairdresser so she just laughed as I turned up all windswept and traipsed mud all through her salon! :P



Last night I went on a yoga date with my bestie! Gabby and I went to a BodyBalance class (a mix of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi), and it was not only her first time doing yoga/pilates, but it was also her first EVER group exercise class! She loved it so we’re going to make it a weekly date :)


loving that sweaty post-exercise glow ;)

I hadn’t been to a BodyBalance class in a while, and I had forgotten how much I loved them! I had conveniently forgotten how beyond awful I am at balancing….! I also didn’t appreciate the abs track after Monday’s conditioning session. Breathing hurts today.


After the class Gabby came back to mine and we chilled on the couch, ate Chinese food, and watched The Vow. Saddest movie ever.



And this evening we watched Dear John, which is another sobfest. I can’t take all these emotional movies!! Channing Tatum makes it all better though ;)


What was the last movie you saw? Before these two movies, it was Les Miserables, which was AMAZING. But also a tearjerker. I need to watch a comedy ASAP…


Do you take yoga/pilates/BodyBalance classes? What is your favourite group exercise class? I used to go weekly to BodyBalance or yoga, but I fell out of the habit a few months ago. I’m looking forward to getting back into it! :) I also want to get back to spinning, because I loved that!! I only stopped because the instructor I liked was on leave, but now he’s back, so I can’t wait to get my butt kicked again!!


Do you have a favourite running route? What is it like? My favourite is on a trail that I have to drive to get to, but I have some nice ones nearby too that I enjoy running on. I also have a favourite hilly 7 mile route on the roads that I love!


Have a great day friends! <3

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