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Track Time Tuesday

Posted May 19 2010 7:51am

Yesterday was Tuesday, so it was time for the track with Cal Coast. I got there in time to put in a 2 mile warm up before circle fest started. I finished all six intervals, but my times were all over the place:

  • Interval 1: 800. 3:37 (What? Are we sure the stopwatch isn’t broken?)
  • Interval 2: 800. 3:48 (That’s more like it)
  • Interval 3: 400. 1:48
  • Interval 4: 400. 1:53
  • Interval 5: 400. 1:43
  • Interval 6: 400. 1:56

I was able to manage a two mile warm down shuffle with the group to fill out the day at 6 miles.

Then it was back home to ice my right knee. My tendonitis is flaring, but not so bad that I can’t/won’t run. In fact, my knee feels better with use – it’s a couple hours later that it hurts. At this point, my therapy is ibuprofen and icing after use.

Which brings me to this little trick I learned a few years back when my son ran cross country. Ever need an ice bag for a knee or elbow? Looking for a solution that is a little less awkward than a bunch of ice cubes in a zip lock bag? Here’s an idea. It requires some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, water, and a couple large (not sandwich sized) zip lock bags. Measure two cups of isopropyl alcohol, and one cup of water and put in one of the zip lock bags (I add a drop or two of food coloring so that I can easily spot the bag in the freezer). Make sure the bag is well sealed, then for safety, place it inside the second zip lock. Throw in the freezer. The big benefit with this is that the alcohol keeps the water from freezing solid – giving you a frozen mush that you can form around the joint needing the ice. Plus, you don’t end up with smelly frozen peas.

Today is a take it easy day. Six miles later this afternoon. Nice and slow…..

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