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Tommie Copper Compression Review...and a chance to win it!

Posted Aug 02 2011 9:44pm
Are you familiar with this company?

I came across  Tommie Copper Compression when I entered a few giveaways for compression sleeves.  I didn't win, but a few weeks later I contacted Tommie Copper to see if they were interested in donating to my fundraising giveaway (which you can find  here ).  And they were!  Not only did they donate a compression shirt (as shown in the above photo) and sleeves, but they sent me some gear to try out as I train for the NYC Marathon! 

How cool is that?

I first wore the calf sleeves after an 18 mile bike ride.  When I pulled them on, I was surprised at how light and thin the fabric felt.  I'm a huge fan of compression, but between the wiggling and stretching and sweating to get it on, you get a bit of a workout before you even work out.

Tommie Copper uses Therapeutic Copper Compression, it is made from a "revolutionary, proprietary fabric" actually made with copper, and it can be used to reduce pain from all sorts of ailments, by stimulating the muscles, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.  Which is exactly what someone who is training for both a marathon, and triathlon, needs.

I've worn the sleeves on a few runs, and I have to say, when I was finished with first a 7 miler, and a 6 miler, my legs felt great.  I kept them on for about an hour after each run, to reap their benefits.  I'm planning on wearing the sleeves this weekend, when I race in my first triathlon, Irongirl Syracuse !

I tested out the compression shirt on two shorter runs, and it was comfortable, with smooth seams, and again, that thin fabric.  But the true test was one morning, I woke up after a lousy night sleep, and as I got out of bed, I did a weird twist, that resulted in a painful kink in my back.  You know, one of those shooting aches you get when you're in your late thirties?  I thought I would put the shirt on to see if it would help, and I'm happy I did.  By afternoon, my back was much, much looser, and I felt good enough to......go for a run. 

If you're in need of some comfortable, lightweight, but effective compression, check out Tommie Copper Compression on facebook here, on twitter, here , or their website, here .

AND if you're really curious, check out my fundraising giveaway for The Children's Tumor Foundation, please donate, and you'll have a chance to win some Tommie Copper of your own!!

Note: I was provided with a shirt and calf sleeves for the purpose of this review, the opinions of the product are entirely my own.

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